#QSTOP10 — February 11, 2022

A bit of a slow news week around the office after what was an uncharacteristically busy end of January. Very heavy on the manuals this week, in an even more Euro-centric than usual installment of the countdown. The last one is just nuts. Have a good one, and enjoy the warm(ish) weather ❤️

Big shout out to the supportive grandmas who love skateboarding.

Original Clips:


Intro via @zacha.taiel on IG [link]
10) Jeremy Murray via “The 306 Video” [link]
9) Leo Cholet via “Doukrez” by Hadrien Buhannic [link]
8) Jonas Daater via Sid’s “DVA” video [link]
7) Gary Almeida via “croons theatre.” by Orion Stefanidis [link]
6) Mike Anderson via Cons x Krooked’s “Middle Earth” video [link]
5) Gustav Tonessen via “Doukrez” by Hadrien Buhannic [link]
4) Emile Laurent via IG [link]
3) Stepan Bares via Sid’s “DVA” video [link]
2) Tim Debauché via “Doukrez” by Hadrien Buhannic [link]
1) Victor Campillo via Hélas’ “Victor” video [link]


Previously: February 4, 2022


  1. @flunt-to-bakie
    wtf are you talking about?!
    this must have been the most wholesome -runitback- in a while!

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