Depressed in midlife? Try Quartersnacks, study suggests

Thank you to everyone who grabbed something from the webstore this weekend. Orders are going out as we speak, and stuff is available at your local shop by the end of this week globally if it isn’t already ❤️

Hope Dr. Paul O’Connor gets a commission from the tidal wave of electric skateboard sales that the New York Post‘s “Depresseed in midlife?” headline just incited ;) Jk, jk.

Added Turtle Productions’ “The Karlsplatz Video” from Vienna, Austria to The QS One-Spot Part Map. We’re nearing 80 parts filmed at one spot! (This one is also where the #1 from last week’s Top 10 was from.)

You can find the footage of Nick Matthews’ gap-lipslide HUF tribute on the midtown FDR benches in his very nuts “Venture x Uprise” part on Thrasher. The perpendicular Zuccotti trick is maybe the wildest thing ever done there.

Again, for the people in the back: Cole Navin’s “Leap Year” edit out of Portland is a perfect six minutes of skateboarding. One of those videos where every single pieces sits perfectly within the whole.

“Yeah, I used to read Thrasher all the time, wondering if I would one day be in there. Since I made it in there, my next goal was to make it into Skate Jawn.” Skate Jawn interviewed Oski!

Can’t tell if this is new, or a reupload, but it’s 🔥 Nick Savoca skates Princeton’s Scudder Plaza to some Sade, as filmed and edited by Meadowlands videographer, Steve Mastorelli.

Last year, a lot of the people who had tuned out of Guy’s output during the smith grind laser flip days found themselves coming back around to his vertical-iPhone-with-vignetted-fisheye-dad-tech incarnation. YouWillSoon (!) remixed all his 2021 hits into a proper part, and it plays quite nice.

“The overriding appeal of this crew is their relatable sense of perspective on skateboarding: there’s love, but unlike the social media stars of today, or the bygone superpros of the past, there’s less ego.” Waxing the Curb got wordy on Limosine’s Paymaster video.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Rare occasion where we can unapologetically give it to the Knicks!

Quote of the Week 🗣
Zach Baker: “I just broke my one rule.”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “What’s your one rule?”
Zach Baker: “Never go to the casino in the state you live in.”

Anyone who has been rocking with QS since ~2016 knows that Shrimp C’s “Endless Shrimp” mixes were a onetime fixture here. That is, until he decided to stop making them nearly two years ago, despite promising another one …endlessly ;) Our friend Anthony decided to snake him on the new edition and did it for him ❤️

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