#QSTOP10 — July 2, 2021

Realtime reaction to #2^. Happy July ♥

The Joey O’Brien part is one of those “full experience” things that it’s tough to just choose a single clip from. Audibly said “what the fuck” at the ender even the second time viewing, too.

Snack’s Mexico edit is the best travel edit in a minute.

Long overdue for including some of Casper Brooker’s recent Southbank choreography on here. If you’re just joining, Welcome Leeds could bring you up to speed.

Original Clips:


Intro via @ugqwamoto [link]
10) Victor Campillo via “COURS JUICE” [link]
9) Justin Sommer via Adidas’ “Home Court” video [link]
8) Jordan Queijo via OG.2000’s “Extra Terrestre” video [link]
7) Corey Glick via Foundation’s Star & Moon video [link]
6) Casper Brooker via IG [link]
5) Mason Coletti via Snack Skateboards’ “Once Upon A Time In Mexico” video [link]
4) Dylan Witkin via Foundation’s Star & Moon video [link]
3) Yuto Horigome via “The Yuto Show” part [link]
2) Julian Lewis via Foundation’s Star & Moon video [link]
1) Joey O’Brien via “Untitled 005” part [link]


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