#QSTOP10 — May 14, 2021

A bit of a “STALLION” catch-up edition, with some smaller projects dispersed throughout there.

Congrats to our boy Ruben Spelta on going pro. Big past couple weeks for Milano Centrale on the skate footage circuit ♥

Have a good one.


Intro via @gronze on IG [link]
10) Justin Grzechowiaks via Tristan Mershon’s Fool’s Gold video [link]
9) Beatrice Domond via Supreme’s “STALLION” video [link]
8) Ruben Spelta via Magenta’s “Il Fantasista” video [link]
7) Seven Strong via Supreme’s “STALLION” video [link]
6) Johnny Cumaoglu via Tristan Mershon’s Fool’s Gold video [link]
5) Brayan Albarenga via “Brayan Albarenga x Yoryo” part [link]
4) Caleb Barnett via Supreme’s “STALLION” video [link]
3) Tyshawn Jones via Supreme’s “STALLION” video [link]
2) Cyrus Bennett via HUF Commercial [link]
1) Kader Sylla via Supreme’s “STALLION” video [link]


Previously: May 7, 2021


  1. tyshawn front noseblunt on that bench should have made the top 10 this week just saying. that was some stratosphere level pop

  2. how much d’ya think strobeck gets paid for all that nike product placement? supreme not paying the bills?

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