The Heat Are in the Super Bowl, Clubs in Miami Are Reopening & Here’s Andrew Skateshop’s ‘Floater’ Video

It was in Miami earlier this year that we first heard the phrase “coronavirus.” This was a January trip celebrating the impending birth of Pryce’s first child, so skateboarding was limited to “checking out the skatepark,” with priority otherwise placed on sitting around doing nothing all day, and hearing someone play “The Box” every four seconds, all night.

A couple things happened on earth between then and now.

For some random reason, Club LIV closed.

Then — 341 days since the 2019-2020 NBA season began — the Miami Heat made it to the Super Bowl.

And what do you know? For better or worse (def for worse tbh), LIV is reopening.

Coincidence? Preface to that second wave of COVID? Do they need a dry run to figure out how they’re going to sneak Tyler Herro into the club — in the event that the Heat win it all and the team bus has to beeline out of The Bubble™, straight to LIV?

Anywho, “Floater” is a new video by Justin Stout, featuring all that the dudes from Miami’s Andrew Skateshop have been up to since LIV and all adjacent Dade County establishments were forced to close down because of the pandemic + a lil’ bit of Paris footage from a time when Paris still allowed Americans inside. Features all the tight-landing Miami spots that these dudes particularly excel at skating, and a *spoiler* mini Joel Meinholz section at the end.

See you at the Heat parade on Zoom.


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