Lucas Puig Oceanside Remix

Once upon a time, a remix video was a bi-monthly occurrence on the pages of this website. But as the the floodgates of daily skate content opened, keeping up with all the Insta posts and raw files got exhausting; we left much of the remixing duties to the random YouTube accounts we follow, whose work we happily link each Monday when they happen to clock every Nik Stain and Vincent Touzery appearance.

Even so, the “Poolside” remix of Lucas Puig loosies circa 2014 has remained a personal favorite in the ol’ editing portfolio. This was before skateboarding on Instagram was what it is now, and some of the dubbing is way off, but it still feels like a skateboard fantasy sports season triumph.

Considering the QS office’s favorite skater remains unchanged six years later, we figured why not a sequel. Lucas’ recent forays at Venice and Santa Monica have been admired wide and large, so those were left out, as were most skatepark clips (though some were too good to leave out… the switch front shove nosegrind body varial, obvs), with the intention of making it feel as much of a video part as possible, while preserving the #musicsupervision vibe of the original.

It’s more or less a deluxe edition of the Fellas part from last year, so here are four minutes with skateboarding’s spokesman of leisure, king of the reaction shot, and Skater of the Quarantine frontrunner.

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  1. the word is overused these days but lucas legit one of the dudes thats unquestionably hall of fame. hasnt aged a bit either as far as skill goes. that sw hardflip back tail line legit on some big boy ledges.

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