‘Virtually Throwaway’ via Daniel Wheatley

From the filmmaker who brought you the critically-acclaimed “Lock the car, Brady,” comes the throwaway edit event of the summer…

Daniel Wheatley combed through his harddrive for the b-sides of Lotties’ “Must Be Stopped” from last fall — some of which teeters towards “wait, why was this left out of the video?”-territory. Yes, there’s Krazy Frankie footage, yes there’s Nick Michel footage. (Still feel stupid about leaving off Nick’s blunt to pop into the rock at Battery Park from that rock tribute post on IG last week! Sorry!)

Shout out to everyone treating their extras clips with actual care, and not just resorting to the footage dump format that we’ve all otherwise grown numb to ;)

Filmed in L.A., Mexico City and Montreal in 2018-2019, and featuring Nick, Frankie, Jesse Alba, David Clark, a couple of pro ppl, etc.


  1. no one makes me pine for a lap around the park like nick. the “what do you think” clip is the cutest shit ive ever seen

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