#QSTOP10 — May 8, 2020

Eduardo Da Rocha’s part in Pandora’s Box is the one we’re going to toss at the top of “Videos You May Have Missed” pile. It’s always funny reading phrases like “young blood out of Jersey” and thinking “hell ya, some Fred Gall-Quim Cardona descendent skating crust under a highway” — only to realize it’s referring to the island between the U.K. and France. All those other Jersey dudes rip in just as unique of a way, as evidenced by Luka Pinto’s part in the very same video

Happy birthday Conor Prunty and John Choi

Original Clips:


Intro via @stingwatergroes on IG [link] 10) Hyun Kummer via “Pocket: UAE” [link] 9) Hjalte Halberg via IG [link] 8) Ryan Larue via “Ryan Larue & Ben Narloch’s Familia Part” [link] 7) Sam Nobbs via Drummer Boy [link] 6) Dustin Henry via Alltimer’s “Bounce” video [link] 5) Eduardo Da Rocha via Pandora’s Box [link] 4) Kevin White via “MAY1918” [link] 3) Stafhon Boca via Alltimer’s “Bounce” video [link] 2) Harry Lintell via Cottonopolis [link] 1) Jameel Douglas via Helen [link]


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  1. Jersey randomly produces some dope and interesting skaters. Glen Fox grew up with Luka Pinto there too

  2. s/o the young gentleman looking out for the older gentleman at the bottom of the hill on #1 – you the real MVP!

  3. Hjalte only clip need to be on this list, run that 9x. Nollie heel 3rd and Army gets play too. Rest was geek!

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