#QSTOP10 — May 1, 2020

Happy May ♥ A.K.A. usually the best month of the year in New York, but you know, 2020 is a bit different around here.

This is the first time we’ve managed to include a clip found on …Reddit. Any help on a name is appreciated. S/O to @brunobar79 on Twitter for the tip on that one.

Also, based on the Active sticker, someone is probably going to chime in with a “That footage came out already!” comment on the nollie hardflip, but let’s just appreciate the trick, yaknow?

Have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via faro.cious on IG [link] 10) Omar Hassan via Thrasher‘s “Up in Smoookes!” video [link] 9) octoveli on Reddit via r/skateboarding [link] 8) Olli Ilmonen via Troposphere’s “Demo” video [link] 7) Louie Lopez via Thrasher‘s “Up in Smoookes!” video [link] 6) Josh Wilson via Bronze 56k’s ***PTSD***” video [link] 5) Cody Subido via IG [link] 4) Tyson Bowerbank via IG [Link] 3) Milton Martinez via Thrasher‘s “Up in Smoookes!” video [link] 2) Jack O’Grady via Thrasher‘s “Up in Smoookes!” video [link] 1) Mike Arnold via Adidas’ “Introducing /// Copa Nationale by Mike Arnold” video [link]


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  1. Omar clip sick as fuck. This part is what convinced ignorant 14 year old me that transition skating was sick. I still can’t skate transition 16 years later, but at least I know to be disappointed in myself for it.

    Tailslide around the 1:57 mark is legitimately one of my top ten things ever fucking done on a skateboard.


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