#QSTOP10 — April 24, 2020

Did you remember to thank weed for all the content this week?

Original Clips:


Intro via @phoenix_atlas on Twitter [link] 10) Jacob Elveli via “MUZZARELL DA REMIX” [link] 9) Mark Humienik via J.P. Blair’s “***420 Vid***” [link] 8) Fabiana Delfino via Vans’ Credits video [link] 7) Sylvain Tognelli via Giddy 11 [link] 6) Jacob Gottlieb via J.P. Blair’s “***420 Vid***” [link] 5) Greg Dehart via 35th North’s “Pine Street Bombers 3” video [link] 4) Breana Geering via Vans’ Credits video [link] 3) Remy Taveira via Giddy 11 [link] 2) Wes Kremer via “#WESKREMER” part [link] 1) Hugo Maillard via Giddy 11 [link]


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