#QSTOP10 — March 6, 2020

Chatham Towers have really been having a moment on the QS homepage these past two weeks.

Can’t say the same about overall #content on it this past week — apologies for the slow news week. We’re back on it come next.

And *spoiler* while a skatepark / contest trick may be #offbrand for what the countdown tries to highlight, there was no denying the reverberation it had on the repost circuit. Felt like the vintage energy of some Slam City Jam or Monster contest footy, except for the social media age.

Original Clips:


Intro via @chachimaserati on IG [link] 10) Kevin Taylor via “Scumco & Sons: Upstate N.Y.” [link] 9) Vincent Huhta via “Energy Kit” [link] 8) Jerry Mraz via Rust Belt Trap [link] 7) John Shanahan via Rust Belt Trap [link] 6) Eze Martinez via “Cleaver” part [link] 5) Jack O’Grady via Vin Dogg’s “Stagger Levi” video [link] 4) Billy Griffin via Blue Tile’s Lovers video [link] 3) Giovanni Vianna Primitive Part [link] 2) Antonio Durao via IG [link] 1) Mason Silva via IG [link]


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