#QSTOP10 — March 27, 2020

Pretty sure that this is the first time a Top 10 has exceeded the three-minute mark. Lots of lines, battles and hill bombs have a way of doing that. Imagine hating your own flowers that much?

Don’t know who the #10 is (guest trick from Jarne’s part.) Any help is appreciated.

Be safe and wash your hands ♥

Original Clips:


10) ? via Jarne Verbruggen’s “Professional Life” part [link] 9) Val Bauer via “ЛУЧИ PACCBET WORLDWIDE” [link] 8) Thanos Panou via “Independent Trucks in Athens” [link] 7) Louie Lopez via “The Louie Lopez” part [link] 6) Max Garson via Heady Metal [link] 5) Anthony Van Engelen via IG [link] 4) Cambryan Sedlick via “ЛУЧИ PACCBET WORLDWIDE” [link] 3) Luca Pinto via “Pandora’s Box” part [link] 2) Roman Lisivka via Primitive’s “Rome” video [link] 1) Jarne Verbruggen via “Professional Life” part [link]


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  1. imo the very same guy who
    first came up with those fucked up
    nose press variations is also your
    unknown #10
    mr. phil zwijsen

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