#QSTOP10 — March 20, 2020

Now you know how it feels to sit inside and Clockwork Orange every skate clip from the past seven days into your eyes to make these things! Jk, hope everyone is safe, and their loved ones are all in order with a nice pantry full of food ♥

There is some insanely good skateboarding in the new part via the family at Seattle’s 35th North Skateshop (also where this week’s #1 is from.) The video is criminally under-viewed over on YouTube, so please give her a whirl. You will not regret it. Also one of our favorite flow-ers, Shogo Zama, has a “Welcome to Magenta” part that is well worth your time even if we didn’t pull anything from it for the countdown.

Can’t believe we can’t bask in March 20, 2020’s full 77-degree glory…

Original Clips:


Intro via @emile_503_ [link] 10) Karsten Kleppan via IG [link] 9) Juan Algora via “Sabotage: Milan” [link] 8) Mike Arnold via “City Circle” [link] 7) Alexis Lacroix via IG [link] 6) Val Bauer via “Ollies” part [link] 5) Ben Lawrie via IG [link] 4) Joey O’Brien via “Sabotage: Milan” [link] 3) Lil’ Dre via Maxallure’s “Manifest Destiny” video [link] 2) Gustav Tønnesen via “City Circle” [link] 1) Noah Holmes via “Harr & Holmes | 35th North” part [link]


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  1. having worked at a grocery store that intro is pretty fucking wack and annoying. especially during a time when grocery stores are at a necessity

  2. yeah you’re right it’s super sick to fuck with people’s
    livelihood when you’re a cool dude who rides for polar

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