A Deadstock German Shepherd

Shout out to Twitter for tracking this one down. More skate photos with friends in the background please ♥

Interblend” is a New York / New Jersey montage by Tokyo-based filmer Rob Taro, who made the full-length Time Scan video from last year. Features a mini Central Park section in the middle. Eby’s ollie over the barrier into the rock is fucked.

A fun Twitter thread, which hones in on a #trend that we had not noticed until now: skaters whose parts are set to recent movie scores, some of them totally random. Cheers to Henry for the research.

#Skatevideohouse lives! “Parking Lot Music Video Installation 1” is a montage with some new faces at a very #current circuit of spots around the city.

The U.K’s Grey Skate Mag spent an afternoon in Brooklyn with Louie Lopez, chatting with him about Ben Raemers and skate trip camaraderie, for an artsy “Day in the Life” video.

Karl Watson (tied with Muska for my favorite person to interview) is the latest guest on The Bunt, and Bill Strobeck is the latest guest on the Mission Statement podcast.

TWS has an interview with Gang Corp affiliate, Carl Aikens. And yeah, that spot across from Columbus Circle in his welcome to Chocolate ad is fucked. Had a friend claim that ~15 years ago, as many others likely have. Sick that he did it, and stoked to see the footage :)

Can’t think of anything from the past ten years of skate events that was as universally forgettable as the Maloof Money Cup. Funny it’s being brought up as trivia. The Theories office squares off in TWS‘ “Skate Nerd” series with Pat Stiner and Josh Stewart.

Ron Deily sighting in the Paterson crew’s clip from Vans’ Space 198 park.

“I arrived on my own, went to the cheapest hotel I could find online near the Indian School ditch. The Hotel was I think fair to say ‘worn’, I flopped down on the bed, tired from the travel, wondering what I was doing there and feeling lonely, almost immediately I noticed a small Indy sticker in the very top corner of the window (I wish it had been some other brand but never mind) and instantly felt better, some other skater must have made the same journey and chose the hotel for the same reason.” — Everyday Hybridity has a cool thing about skate pilgrimages.

Saw this on Skate Jawn: “Angels vertical phone movie,” which is… a Brooklyn skating iPhone vid.

Jenkem has a write-up on why Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl) winning an Oscar is important, and how Skateistan is an even more incredible organization than we think.

Spot Update: Not a massive blow to our livelihoods, but it was one of the better bust-free ledges on Water Street that also happened to be on great ground…those two benches on John and Water (across from the Rudolph de Harak clock from Big Daddy) got moved around the corner to shittier ground.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Kemba’s step-back

Quote of the Week: “If I meet Garrett Hill, it’s a wrap.” — Tino Del Zotto

Rarely feel compelled to text a new song link to the full spectrum of people I text with about music, but this one did it, and was met with a unanimous “wow.”


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