#QSTOP10 — January 10, 2020

First one of the year after a two-week hiatus ;)

This got made before the Ishod + Kyle video dropped, yes.

Bronze obvs got top honors from everyone this week in terms of repeat viewing, but you should give I Only Have Eyes For You a whirl if you want a rad Euro video as we head into a 63-degree Saturday in January ♥

Have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via @jefemixtape on IG [link] 10) Heitor Da Silva via Daniel Wheatley’s “Did You Lock the Car Brady?” video [link] 9) Max Palmer via Instagram [link] 8) Eniz Fazliov via I Only Have Eyes For You [link] 7) Michael Juras via I Only Have Eyes For You [link] 6) Will Marshall via Bronze’s 2020 Promo [link] 5) John Shanahan via Bronze’s 2020 Promo [link] 4) Jacopo Carozzi via Bronze’s 2020 Promo [link] 3) Adrian Vega via Bronze’s 2020 Promo [link] 2) Grady Smith via Bronze’s 2020 Promo [link] 1) Josh Wilson via Bronze’s 2020 Promo [link]


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