#QSTOP10 — December 27, 2019

One of those weeks where 18 whiteboard suggestions had to be narrowed down to 10, but with a clear #1.

In case you’ve been tuned out of everything besides that Adidas video: the new one from Anti-Hero has a ton of Austin Kanfoush footage + Pekka Løvås’ new one is a real pleasure if you’re in the market for a non-obvious European scene. (That Vicious Pink song has been #trending this year …feel like it popped up on some mix pretty recently too.)

Original Clips:


Intro via @jakemcnichol34 [link] 10) Glen Fox via Magenta’s “Storia Italiana” video [link] 9) Bjarne Tjøtta via Pekka Løvås’ “Skamnice” video [link] 8) Jaran Jacobsen via Pekka Løvås’ “Skamnice” video [link] 7) Austin Kanfoush via Anti-Hero’s “Arbitrary Function” video [link] 6) Jake Donnelly via Adidas’ Reverb video [link] 5) Callum Paul via Pass~Port’s Kitsch video [link] 4) Frankie Spears via Adidas’ Reverb video [link] 3) Dennis Busenitz via Adidas’ Reverb video [link] 2) Grant Taylor via Anti-Hero’s “Arbitrary Function” video [link] 1) Gustav Tønnesen via Adidas’ Reverb video [link]


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  1. Not sure if its the filming or what but I never thought I would be so underwhelmed by a gap front blunt on the MSG rail, which is, objectively speaking, probably the best trick doen on it?

  2. GT ain’t overrated but if you don’t vibe with transition skating he’s not going to do a whole lot for you. This roll in included.

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