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Wasn’t expecting this substantial of evidence towards the theory of #fashion taking over our spaces after we leave them to emerge quite this unsubtly + quite this fast.

Transworld has a a new Carl Aikens Gang Corp part up on their website, put together by Naquan Rollings. Pretty different to see an all longlens New York section.

Colin Sussingham gives the background stories on a few shots from his new book, Boys: A Decade of Skateboarding in NYC. The book is now up for sale on his site + there is a launch party tomorrow (September 17) @ Sisters Gallery from 7-10 P.M. Flyer with all the details here.

Someone scoured every IG story, every outtake, and every other cutty corner of the internet for every single Nik Stain clip in existence to make this Instagram compilation of his recent footage.

Ok, one more round-up of Tompkins-related links… 1) NY Mag interviewed Zhu and has a story on the #savetompkins effort + some photos from the party. 2) CBS news was there covering some good news for once. 3) Sophie Day was also there on victory day, and shot some photos for Jenkem.

Loved the aimless U-turn line in the middle of W. 23rd Street to get the flat trick :) “Sheeesh” is a quick montage with some New York clips by Tyler Stier.

Theories made a countdown of their 12 favorite 411 commercials to hold you over until someone follows through on this million dollar idea [that will ultimately fall victim to a copyright claim before they make it to issue #4.]

Smiled at the pre-Dreamchasers era Meek Mill song in a 2019 Philadelphia skate video: Patrice Southerland’s part in DJ Traceman’s A Regular Ass Video.

…and another really sick one out of Philly, spotted via Skate Jawn: Paris Summerville’s Anywhere But There part. Between the knob and the parallel fence, gap hurricane on the Pyramid Ledge is a lot to contend with.

Hypebeast hung out with Jason Dill, and put together a “Day in the Life”-ish video…

Quote of the Week: “We’re not serious. All we do is skate and jerk off.” — Diego Todd


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  1. is it weird that theories does a friday links on their site and now also does a “theories top 12” thing? is it weird? seems kind of weird.

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