Polar Skate Co. In Puerto Rico

Once synonymous with men flown by Super-8 umbrellas and the occasional gas-masked Swedish penis, Polar has taken a refreshing 2.0 turn in its video output these past twelve months. The cuts are still quick — the Polarian fingerprint remains — but the skating has began to gain in its armwrestling match with the art.

Just when we were talking about skate vacation videos being all in ~how~ you do it, Polar’s latest finds them doubling back to Puerto Rico, the mid 2010s’ premier skate trip getaway. Like any place that experienced a surge in traveling skateboarders, Puerto Rico’s spike-in-coverage years (2014-2015) resulted with a pile of edits that slowly began to resemble one another. “Polar Rico” is a deeper dive into spots overgrown with weeds, and weathered concrete. The results yield Hjalte deciding that his 30s are a ripe time for beginning to skate double sets, Andrew Wilson teasing a potential Off-White collaboration (hopefully Virgil doesn’t mistake him for Josh Wilson or something), and Oski doing that weird thing where he pretends like backside noseblunt combos on massive concrete transitions are just a normal part of cruising a park.

Tao on the edit, Emile on the hype, Jesse A.K.A. Jessie on the censorship.


  1. I don’t think you can really make the argument that the Polar skating hasn’t been up to par with their editing in the past…

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