#QSTOP10 — May 31, 2019

Been trying to catch that FedEx dude from the intro riding his handtruck through Soho for years now, and never got the phone out in time. Nice to see him getting his shine — but definitely have seen him do crazier shit, e.g. somehow watched him powerslide on that thing before. Shout out to everyone out there having fun on the job :)

Caught this one after the round-up got turned in, but you already know what’s in early contention for #1 next week ;)

Original Clips:


Intro via LurkNYC’s “New York Times — Volume 27” video [link] 10) Andrew Reynolds via IG [link] 9) Matlock Bennett-Jones via Pass~Port’s “Kiss Me In The NT” video [link] 8) Keanu Robson via Cottonopolis part [link] 7) Rayssa Leal via Nike SB’s Gizmo video [link] 6) Gustav Tonnesen via IG [link] 5) Lacey Baker via Nike SB’s Gizmo video [link] 4) Elissa Steamer via Nike SB’s Gizmo video [link] 3) Roger Krebs via Venture’s “San Francisco Minute” video [link] 2) Johnny Purcell via Medium Skate Mag’s “Jungle” video [link] 1) Antonio Durao via IG [link]


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  1. Sometimes the stuff that makes it onto Thrasher on Thursday doesn’t get caught in time, and gets pushed to the next week.

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