#QSTOP10 — May 3, 2019

A few weeks ago, we pulled up to that gap Mike Arnold switch ollies in his marathon line from the Athens Atlantic Drift with some Canadian skate lords. They deemed that it looked too much like a spot in Calgary or something — and yeah, when you’re in a place that provided the blueprint for the majority of western architecture, skating something that looks like it’s in back on a warehouse fulfillment center is aiming a bit low on the aesthetic scale. However, Mike Arnold really thought that one through, and choreographed the fuck out of that spot. Kudos to Jake on the steady hand.

And while we’re not exactly the most pool-saavy media enterprise, there’s some really wild shit in that John Worthington part, enough to get even the most fair-weather transition skating fan going. The hurricane under a moving freight train is frontrunner for the “Trick Your Mom Would Hate — 2019” award…

Original Clips:


Intro via @willblaty on Instagram [link] 10) Brian Reid via Free x Orchard’s “Seasonal Migration” video [link] 9) Kyron Davis via “Atlantic Drift — Episode 9: Athens” [link] 8) Martin Sandberg via Adidas’ “Zaragoza 3ST.004” video [link] 7) Max Palmer via “Atlantic Drift — Episode 9: Athens” [link] 6) Mike Arnold via “Atlantic Drift — Episode 9: Athens” [link] 5) Sylvain Tognelli via “Atlantic Drift — Episode 9: Athens” [link] 4) John Worthington via OJ Wheels’ “Backyard Burn Down” part [link] 3) Jaakko Ojanen via Element’s “Jaakko & Friends” part [link] 2) Tom Knox via “Atlantic Drift — Episode 9: Athens” [link] 1) Casper Brooker via “Atlantic Drift — Episode 9: Athens” [link]


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