QS Top 10 — January 4, 2019

2019! Happy New Year. This edition encompasses both this past week and the week before. We were able to finagle a post-Christmas Top 10 in 2017, but for 2018, it seems like the skateboard internet collectively agreed to slow it down.

No clue who #5 is, and though nothing from it made the countdown, “It’s Not A Fridge It’s A Fucking Club” is the best name for a web montage of 2019. Nice sprint ahead on not giving videos one-word titles anymore. Have a good weekend ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via WKND on IG [link] 10) Felipe Oliveria via Cons’ “Calango” video [link] 9) Kyota Umeki via IG [link] 8) Neil Herrick via Fairmans 4 part [link] 7) Silas Baxter-Neal via Festivus part [link] 6) Oscar Candon via “Bobi Bobi” video [link] 5) ? via Cons’ “Calango” video [link] 4) Dillon Constantine via Festivus part [link] 3) Brandon Westgate via “Bog Town” part [link] 2) Milton Martinez via Cons’ “Calango” video [link] 1) Tiago Lemos via Duets part [link]


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