QS Top 10 — December 21, 2018

That big flip at #1 is actually probably the best big flip ever. Obvs the video isn’t out, but the loop has been rocking on IG all week.

The year in review got put on a slight hiatus due to a snag — sorry about that. December has been a mess around here. #sketchymonth, after all.

Original Clips:


Intro via IG [link] 10) Stefan Janoski via “Control Room – Sovereign Sect: Part 2” [link] 9) Rob Wooten via “No Hotels: Spot! Pull Over” [link] 8) Roman Gonzales via IG [link] 7) Gustav Tonnesen via Adidas’ “Boomba” video [link] 6) Shogo Zama via VHS Mag part [link] 5) Griffin Gass via “Lakai x EPMD” [link] 4) Lucas Puig via Adidas’ “Boomba” video [link] 3) Alexis Lacroix via IG [link] 2) Frankie Spears via “Control Room: Sovereign Sect” part [link] 1) Vincent Touzery via IG via “BLESSED” [link]


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