QS Top 10 — December 14, 2018

Mega week for two-trick lines, and we have a countdown first where the #1 slot is awarded to someone behind the camera. (If you saw the clip, you already know which one it is hehe.) Shout out to Bobby D’s fakie flip. Have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via @w0rble on Instagram [link] 10) Brad Cromer via “Storytime” [link] 9) Leo Heinert via Torro’s “Crudo” video [link] 8) Anton Myhrvold via “Globe” part [link] 7) Remy Taviera via Grey / Converse’s “Uphill” video [link] 6) Antonio Durao via “GROETY” part [link] 5) Jamie Foy via Instagram [link] 4) Bobby Dekeyzer via Grey / Converse’s “Uphill” video [link] 3) Wade Desarmo via “Grand Collection” part [link] 2) Tom Knox via New Balance’s “Adriatic Axis” video [link] 1) Chris Gregson (The Filmer) via “Firing Line: Tony Hawk” [link]


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