QS Top 10 – January 25, 2019

One of those weeks with a fairly obvious #1, though it somehow didn’t transcend into Trick Heard Around the World™ territory (tbh, it would probably benefit from a long lens angle, but oh well.) People in New York get it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Not sure what our Detroit area readership is like these days, but we built some obstacles for the Detroit House of Vans pop-up going on this weekend. We’ll be there with Alltimers, LQQK, Quasi, Community Push, and The Trilogy Tapes. Stop by if you’re around ♥ 938 Seldon Street.

Original Clips:


Intro via @shakejunt on IG [link] 10) Lucas Puig via Andale Bearing’s “Surf’s Up” video [link] 9) Antonio Durao via IG [link] 8) Bjarne Tjotta via IG [link] 7) Juan Virues via “Quatro” part [link] 6) Cooper Winterson via Skating Is Easy part [link] 5) Kader Sylla via Spitfire’s “Arson Department III: Kader & Classmates” video [link] 4) Cyrus Bennett via Nike SB’s “Crust Belt Tour” video [link] 3) Kevin Bradley via “Gronze Island — Episode 3 — San Miguel” video [link] 2) Didrik Galasso via “Gronze Island — Episode 3 — San Miguel” video [link] 1) Chris Colburn via Element “War & Peace” part [link]


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