QS Top 10 — January 18, 2019

Yeah, the Bannerot trick from the Thrasher cover is wild, but we can’t say no to two stylish flip tricks in a row with no push between them. But OBVIOUSLY, all skate content on the internet paled in comparison to the Soulja Boy interview. Draaake? Draaaaaake?

EDIT: The unnamed #10 is Daniel Ledermann.

Original Clips:


Intro via Gronze’s iPhone video [link] 10) Max Gerzoni via Gronze’s iPhone video [link] 9) Some German Dude via Adidas Germany’s “Autumn Blues” clip [link] 8) Vinicius Santos via “Siglio SP” part [link] 7) Caleb Barnett via Fucking Awesome’s “Fuck A Rough Cut” video [link] 6) Justin Henry via “AM Scramble 2018” [link] 5) Brayan Albarenga via Gronze’s iPhone video [link] 4) Fred Plocque-Santos via Gronze’s iPhone video [link] 3) Jaakko Ojanen via “AM Scramble 2018” [link] 2) Simon Bannerot via “AM Scramble 2018” [link] 1) Heitor Da Silva via Adidas’ “Heitor” video [link]


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