QS Top 10 — January 11, 2019

Lil’ late today. So sorry for the wait.

UPDATE: #10 & 7 are Zane Timson, #4 is Kayl Johnson.

Need some help on the names. A lot of the clips came from the Stay Awaysted video out of S.F, and that thing only has names for people in the credits. We didn’t have a Bay Area agent in the field to reach out to for help ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Sometimes, I see comments like this one on Josh Wilson’s Brooklyn Tompkins Park video (the intro for this week’s countdown), and realize that the “this music sucks…wait, you guys actually like Rihanna?” comments we’ve been getting on YouTube for the past ~ten years aren’t even that bad. Sorry andythepoet420 ;) Talk that talk to me yeah.

Original Clips:


Intro via @joshwilsonn on IG [link] 10) Zane Timson via Stay Awaysted [link] 9) Louie Lopez via CONS’ “Louie Lopez Pro” video [link] 8) Zac Gracie via “Video Check Out” [link] 7) Zane Timson via Stay Awaysted [link] 6) Matt Bergmann via Stay Awaysted [link] 5) Tyler Pacheco via Girl Skateboards x Kodak’s “Bangers & Mash” video [link] 4) Kayl Johnson via Stay Awaysted [link] 3) Niels Bennett via Girl Skateboards x Kodak’s “Bangers & Mash” video [link] 2) Mathias Torres via Nike SB “Suichi” part [link] 1) Tom Knox via “Atlantic Drift – Catfish Line #1” [link]


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  1. 10 and 7 are zane and the other dude who had the ? is kayl johnson. put some repeck on my bouys

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