QS Top 10 — November 23, 2018

Late one today, as we were knocking over grandmas at Best Buy to save $40 on a TV all morning. Kind of a half “HUF 002” edition, plus T-Funk being the second one to successfully hit the T.J. rail, and a couple inclusions from last week’s sleeper hit, Stephen’s “Ether” video.

And yeah, while the T-Pud back tail kinda defaulted itself into “Trick Heard Around the World” category, just like lloonngg kinked rails are numbing these days, lloonngg slides don’t do much for our emotions around the office these days. Enjoy your weekend of discussing “BLESSED” with everyone. T.J. 4 S.O.T.Y. Shout out to the brodie Clay Kreiner though. Iconic year from the bro.

Original Clips:


Intro via @1shyd on Instagram [link] 10) Dan Plunkett via “HUF 002” [link] 9) Stephen Ostrowski via “Ether” [link] 8) Cooper Winterson via “Ether” [link] 7) Daewon Song via “Thank You Skateboards Promo” [link] 6) Salomon Cardenas via “HUF 002” [link] 5) Austyn Gilette via “HUF 002” [link] 4) Torey Pudwill via “Thank You Skateboards Promo” [link] 3) Michael Juras via Neverwhere part [link] 2) Tristan Funkhowser via “T-Funk & Zach Allen Baker Part” [link] 1) Justin Drysen via “HUF 002” [link]


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  1. took way too long to get to TJs part but TJ 4 SOTY 4 sure that fakie flip over bond st followed by a fat O over 33 street station was swole + bens smith grab out on zuccotti to major freakout was nuts. also confused about why there were no AO clips?!

    p.s. – if TJ did choose to start pot would he be less swole or would it amplify his trick selection?

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