QS Top 10 — November 16, 2018

Could have been an all GX1000 video edition, but we’ve been running the one-video editions a bit too heavy in 2018. (Probably a compliment to this year’s remarkable pile of full-length skate video releases, more than anything.) But yeah, it’s basically a GX edition, with a sprinkle of Lucas looking cool, and an utterly fucked Pedro Delfino trick. Oh, and that Tampa filmer that got re-posted a zillion times last week :)

*Fingers crossed that we got the names of all the GX skaters right*

Good luck with the slush out there.

Original Clips:


Intro via Instagram [link] 10) Lucas Puig via Adidas’ “Shen City Peaks” video [link] 9) Tyler Pacheco via GX1000’s Roll Up video [link] 8) Pedro Delfino via Independent’s “Gotta Pray to Play” video [link] 7) Matt Finley via GX1000’s Roll Up video [link] 6) Jeff Carlyle via GX1000’s Roll Up video [link] 5) Eddie Cernicky via GX1000’s Roll Up video [link] 4) via GX1000’s Roll Up video [link] 3) Yonnie Cruz via GX1000’s Roll Up video [link] 2) Jesse Vieira via GX1000’s Roll Up video [link] 1) Ender via GX1000’s Roll Up video [link]


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  1. Do I smell a gx1000 board brand with all the dudes? I know they’ve already made a few runs of boards, but I could see them making it a full on board company. Wish some more of the past guys had some footy (Jake, Al, Dela).

  2. it feels like that is the most natural progression, no?

    can’t remember the last time when i watched a video and thought “wow i actually know none of these guys board sponsors” except yonnie maybe.

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