QS Top 10 — November 9, 2018

Apologies for a slow news week — the office with ravaged with chronic jet lag, and we promise we will be better as we accompany you on the journey of closing out 2018.

It was somewhat of a ~scattershot~ week in the footage universe — and is that Gustav clip new, old, or just inducing déjà vu of some other Swedish skullduggery?

Original Clips:


Intro via @mikeheikkila on IG [link] 10) John Gardner via “Slam Section” part [link] 9) Alex Schmidt via Butter Goods’ “Spoons” video [link] 8) Gustav Tonneson via IG [link] 7) Ryo Sejiri via Element Japan’s “Far East Flow” video [link] 6) Jahmal Williams via “Cons x Hopps” video [link] 5) Jordan Queijo via “242” part [link] 4) Tiago Lemos via Primitive Welcome video [link] 3) Evan Smith via Peace part [link] 2) John Dilorenzo via “Awake” part [link] 1) Karsten Kleppan via “Just Karsten’s” part [link]


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