Quartersnacks Top 10 — October 5, 2018

Big week from the always-persistent smith grind kickflip (see also) — the semi-agreeable trick that keeps going, and going, and going. Long-gone are the days when it was a point of contention, as it is as common as a kickflip back tail these days. Preemptive apologies to the “eww, skatepark clips?!” crowd this week, but that #2 coulda/shoulda/maybe been #1.

Oh, and Kevin Taylor is the Vince Carter of skateboarding. Not sure if they’re doing Epicly Later’d anymore, but a K.T. one would be fire.

Original Clips:


Intro via @bronze56k on Instagram 10) Kevin Taylor via “Scumco & Sons S.F. Edit” [link] 9) Thierry Gormit via “Titi” [link] 8) Philly Santosuosso via “Scumco & Sons S.F. Edit” [link] 7) Marcello Campanello via Canal New York’s Mode video [link] 6) Drake Johnson via Venture x FTC’s “For the City” video [link] 5) Kyle Nicholson via “Scumco & Sons S.F. Edit” [link] 4) Ryan Townley via IG [link] 3) Franky Villani via “Always On My Mind” part [link] 2) Cory Juneau via IG [link] 1) Grant Taylor via “Bruised Peach” part [link]


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  1. It’s funny you call KT the Vince Carter of skateboarding because in the clip immediately before his backlip in that Scumco edit Philly is wearing a Vince Carter shirt.

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