Quartersnacks Top 10 — September 28, 2018

Yes, we’re well aware that Ishod posted that Muni line on his Instagram a few months ago. Whatever. We are heavy on Glory Challenge stuff this week obviously, but that’s it until next year! (Unless there was some crazy stuff going down at the Paris Glory Challenge yesterday.)

Slow news week this past week (it’s our first bad one since the redesign), basically due to two back-to-back Canadian weekends that really took their toll on office morale. We have a ton of fun stuff in the works, so we’ll be back in full swing with everything next week :) Have a good one, and enjoy the weather obvs.

Original Clips:


Intro via Pyramid Country’s “What Comes After the Passing” video [link] 10) Oscar Candon via IG [link] 9) Heitor de Silva via IG [link] 8) Tyler Warren via “Art Gal” [link] 7) Ishod Wair via “003: Nate Pezzillo” [link] 6) Dane Vaughn via “D.A.N.E.” [link] 5) Hugo Balek via “Dime Street Challenge” [link] 4) Henry Gartland via “Dime Street Challenge” [link] 3) Nate Pezzilo via “003: Nate Pezzillo” [link] 2) Alexis Lacroix via “Dime Street Challenge” [link] 1) Wade Desarmo via “Dime Glory Challenge: Ishod v.s. Wade” [link]


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  1. looks like that Tyler Warren link goes to Dane Bra-Vaughn’s DGK link?

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