#QSTOP10 — July 27, 2018

Wanna give a shout out to the bro Josh Kalis. There’s a twenty-year-old photo of him switch back noseblunting the three stair out ledge at Italian Ledges in an old TWS and we (as people who grew up getting kicked out of there on a weekly basis) always wondered what happened to the footage of it. Not because we doubted his ability to land it, just because, like, you don’t really throw away a switch back noseblunt over a three-stair ledge in 1998. Now, the childhood mystery may not have been solved, but he did in fact switch back noseblunt another iconic midtown Manhattan slab of marble a mere three blocks away in the new DC video.

Otherwise, Westgate showed up this week to remind you that he still has the best kickflip, and footage has pretty much NEVER done that Gare de Lyon spot justice. Those steps after the bank are gigantic.

Original Clips:


Intro via Hiijinx’s “Jinx Simulator Part 1” video [link 10) Josh Kalis via DC’s Street Sweeper video [link] 9) Sam Sityeb via The Yardsale Video [link] 8) Alexis Sablone via “NB# presents Gathering of the Govs” [link] 7) T Funk via DC’s Street Sweeper video [link] 6) John Herrera via IG [link] 5) Chase Webb via DC’s Street Sweeper video [link] 4) John Shanahan via DC’s Street Sweeper video [link] 3) Brandon Westgate via “NB# presents Gathering of the Govs” [link] 2) Spencer Hamilton via “Elevate” part [link] 1) John Gardner via DC’s Street Sweeper video [link]


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  1. Jawn Gardner is really chanelling some Quim circa those adidas commercials in the early 2000’s with that yellow soccer jersey. love it

  2. Yo QS… the old photo was tried back in the day with two separate sessions.
    Both times kicked out and never fully rode away.
    This last visit to NY we went there to make it… however on the first night I wasn’t in the mood
    And the second night we got thrown out while warming up.
    The ledge on 5th? Ave…. I always liked it and the way it looks, but security is fucking on point there. Every time I would land on it dude would come out and that was it…. thrown out.
    On the second visit I offered the guard 100$ to take a walk for 10-20 minutes. He declined and said he couldn’t risk losing his job…. he did however… tell me to try again in an hr.
    So an hour later I went back… and skated hassle free until I made it. Took about 15 minutes. Immediately after I made it I checked the footage. It was cool but wasn’t as dipped as I would have liked. So as I jumped back up to try agin… the guard rolled out with a big smile and said…”you get it?” I was like….”you know what…. yeah. ” He gave me a dap and we dipped.
    So I would have liked to do it again, but shout out to the brotha who looked the other way for a bit. He took a risk for me, and that’s dope as fuck.
    Thanks for the post fellas! Keep killing it.


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