Quartersnacks Top 10 — September 2, 2016

qs top 10 sep 2

It makes perfect sense that even in a week with an Anti Hero #summertriptonewyork clip, a montage from one of the finest Frenchmen working today, and documentation of the most creative utilization of someone CBing you on the final Lenox ledge — that a Brazilian who has already been written in for #SOTY 2016-2048 will have the #1 off Instagram footage alone. Not sure if that’s a sentence, but have a good one.


10) EJ’s Grandma via the DANY extras [link] 9) Nizam Kasper via @herzmann_photo [] 8) Carlos Ribiero via IG [link] 7) Aaron Herrington via IG [link] 6) Sage Elsesser via “Oh Yes Part 2” [link] 5) Kevin Rodrigues via “Oh Yes Part 2” [link] 4) Chris Pfanner via Anti-Hero’s “Vickie Report” video [link] 3) Greg Cuadrado via “Oh Yes Part 2” [link] 2) Yaje Popson via DANY [link] 1) Tiago Lemos via IG [link]


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