First Tryyy


Originally was just going to throw this in a drop offs clip, but all the footage made me laugh way too much to just bury it between a bunch of other shit. Filmed one extremely drunk Sunday night back in maybe March, before we started taking any of the pop-up spot stuff around to actual street spots. Shout out to Freddy Gall and Lizard King. I really miss the drunk QS clips man. They haven’t come around much since Marquez stopped being a Fish regular :(

Features Jesse Alba, Mango, Andrew Wilson, Pat Gallaher, Max Palmer.

Filmed by Max Hull.

Gonna start a Kickstarter for a fourth tryyy

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  1. Hey now Snackman, I have to say that you all are better at skating drunk that I am sober. I especially liked when that one young man krooked grinded the couch. Let me tell you bout this one time back in ’99; we were skating a warehouse down the docks. Had a few too many Natty Boh’s, tried to 5050 a crab shipping container, and damn near Lenny Kirk’d myself. Anyways now, have fun, be safe, and keep everything proper.

    -Your Man Joe

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