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Uncle Edson.

Wondering what the sequel to the RiRi cruiser is going to be? An Oscar winner!

Dime runs down the five greatest tricks that never happened. Still amazed that a human dumb enough to try a thirteen-flat-whatever in the rain exists (unless he was on PCP or something, then that would explain everything.)

Expedition One has a sick Zered mini clip on their Instagram. Apparently, he’s having a part in the next Transworld video too.

You know mother nature has a sense of humor when there’s not much snow on the ground and warm enough to go street skating in Alaska right now.

Making customers do kickflips to purchase Tiffany Dunks seems a bit extra (they skate good though…), but did any of those shops put together a compilation of botched attempts? There has to be some comedy in there. BTW, Ian Reid still holds the title for most controversial video in the sneaker collector community.

Standalone standouts from The Brodies: Leo Gutman and Aaron Herrington.

ICYMI: New NJ Scum montage. Wow wow wow fakie hardflip.

Best part in Rich Mahogany title-holder, Luke Malaney’s part in Nevermind.

This really pushes the idea of a “skate house” to a new level. “Skate colony” maybe?

Tony Miorana x Tony Montana re-edit via the homie Canadian Connor.

Round 548974979 of Death Video throwaway footage. Is that wooden spot in Long Island City completely knobbed yet? Or just the two block ledges?

New bro cam video out of New Jersey by Connor Peterson.

So this is what happens in the Ivy League?

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Clippers-Sixers turned into an And1 mixtape. The Sixers might suck right now, but how sad is it that between Michael Carter-Williams, draft picks and cap space, they have a much brighter next couple of seasons than the Knicks do? Also, God bless Inside the NBA.

Quote of the Week
Store Runner: “You want anything from the store?”
Kadeem: “Yeah, can you get me an O.J?”
Store Runner: “Sure, what brand?”
Kadeem: “You know, orange juice.”

Lil’ Boosie gets out on Thursday. Obviously he has kids and stuff, but is it unreasonable to expect a Writing on the Wall-esque fresh-out-of-jail opus from him?


  1. Sixers got the projected #1 draft pick in Noel, the sleeper pick in MCW, and will be able to pick early in what should be, a strong draft class.

    Not to mention the rest of the team is up for sale.

  2. Lmao Them White Broads Sure Did Make A Mess Forrel B I Feel Bad For The Poor Janitor
    Why Didn’t They Eat That Food They Look Like They Gonna Perish

  3. @galen: i just wanted to know more about that video your article is based off of. is that video on purple diary really that controversial? Where can I read other opinions on it?

  4. @galen: i can see “the Initiation explores the rituals of American Ivy League secret societies, to the point of hysteria,” part of it but the video does a really bad job of “highlighting our culture’s perception of female desire.” and in some ways misrepresents the fetish.

    as a piece about feminism i think it completely missed the mark and is kinda terrible especially considering the discourse the artist is trying to achieve with it but as an artistic representation of public perception of the Ivy Leagues and its secret societies i think it does a good job of visualizing it, especially when you think about movies like cruel intentions, eyes wide shut and season 4 of gossip girls.

    anyways thanks for writing about it. i also dig the It Girl pieces.

  5. Give Zered a lifetime fucking lifetime achievement award. While other veterans are sittin back sippin lattes and talking nonsense to the camera this dude is on the level with all the youngsters.

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