The Obligatory Summer iPhone Edit

chief keith

The clip below features an #emergingblackcelebrity. Photo via Chase Doerflinger on Instagram.

On Monday, once-relevant East Village skateboard blog, The Green Diamond (also once generously referred to by Guy Riza,’s European of the Year – 2012, as “the number two skate blog”), posted up the latest entry to its “Diamond Days” series. The clip sought to recapture the hearts of the Green Diamond’s old fanbase, which initially fell in love with the magic of Yaje’s shorter days, Brett Land’s wallie abilities, and Kyle Iles’ lost hip-hop tapes — a magic that still burns for the Green Diamond only when Malfa skates. Despite promises of a general return to form and being more “street,” the nine-minute video is fraught with convenient exceptions to its own rule of being solely #street. It is not street in the slightest. It is sarcastic and offensive to longtime fans.

And so, to show what’s really hot in the streets, we have revived our dormant iPhone video series, Velez’s Corner, for an actual #street oriented affair. It is, as a person qualified to speak on the matter would put it, “so street like asphalt.” The only “exception” to the rule we let slide is a possibly goth kid doing a darkslide at the L.E.S. Park, so it’s not really even an exception. Filmed by Josh Velez.

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  1. if keith put out a full part to that MIA song I would never have to watch skateboarding again

  2. I guess the “everyone is good” description doesn’t apply to NYC bro cam footage.

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