Start of Summer / Memorial Day Weekend 2013 Montage


Not much of a “first weekend of summer,” but oh well…

After temporarily maxing out with the Forrest Edwards re-edit, we took an example from the recent direction of Baker Boys music supervision. Filmed from January through maybe one day ago, hence substantial greenery increases between varying Columbus Circle clips. Be back on Tuesday. Have a good weekend.

Features Keith Denley AKA Chief Keith, Andre Page, Luis Tolentino, Ben Nazario, Galen Dekemper, Dave Cado, Matthew Perez, Kadeem Walters, Ryan Chin, Lui Elliot, Ritch Swain, Elijah Cole, Jonathan, Josh Velez, Brendan Carroll, Brian Clarke, Sweet Waste, Connor Champion, Tyler Tufty, and Thando Beschta.

Oh, last but not least: Free Amanda Bynes! She got arrested for throwing a bong out of a 36th story window in midtown.

Alternate YouTube link (won’t play on mobile.)

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  1. Dude that was pretty fucking good; that purple haired kid; some dude doing flip outs; the other guy doing mirror lines (tre and switch tre in South williamsburg); rad Friday time wasting, worth the watch.

  2. Assistant music supervisor in charge of non-urban R&D… I think things are going well. Best song ever. Tried to get Olson on this track for 8 years.

  3. fs heelflip in 00:41 – best thing in the internets within at least last two weeks.
    some other pretty good tricks there as well.
    nice job.

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