QS Tees & Cruisers Now Available Online

If you want to support a website that ranks the best noseslides, releases studies of the finest outfits to be worn in skate history, and tells you where all the spots in New York are, please show your gratitude by purchasing a tee shirt or a cruiser board or both. (FYI New Yorkers: Supreme currently has cruisers in stock, but not tees.)

Click to Visit the Quartersnacks Online Shop

A NOTE TO OUR INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS: In all honesty, we are flattered that you enjoy the site from whatever far-off place, especially enough to want to rep a tee or board out there. It truly means a lot. HOWEVER…international shipping is expensive. In both cases (for tees and boards), it costs more than the actual item. The package needs to be tracked, and there’s no way to do that for under $25. Sending the package abroad with no tracking is like basically throwing it into a wormhole and hoping it ends up in your mailbox anywhere from 1-to-50 weeks on the other side of the planet, so we’re not into that. On the plus side, your packages will be shipped express (hence the tracking), so you should receive it quickly, and we’ll be able to provide tracking if it takes too long. You guys (well, Europeans), come to New York and have a blast with our weak dollar compared to your weak-but-not-as-weak Euro, so you can cover the extra shipping.

If you want to buy a bunch of stuff internationally (more than three items), e-mail quartersnacks [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll work something out.


  1. whats good with the smalls? only big dudes sit on their asses at home reading your website?

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