QS Tees & Cruisers Now Available Online

If you want to support a website that ranks the best noseslides, releases studies of the finest outfits to be worn in skate history, and tells you where all the spots in New York are, please show your gratitude by purchasing a tee shirt or a cruiser board or both. (FYI New Yorkers: Supreme currently has cruisers in stock, but not tees.)

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A NOTE TO OUR INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS: In all honesty, we are flattered that you enjoy the site from whatever far-off place, especially enough to want to rep a tee or board out there. It truly means a lot. HOWEVER…international shipping is expensive. In both cases (for tees and boards), it costs more than the actual item. The package needs to be tracked, and there’s no way to do that for under $25. Sending the package abroad with no tracking is like basically throwing it into a wormhole and hoping it ends up in your mailbox anywhere from 1-to-50 weeks on the other side of the planet, so we’re not into that. On the plus side, your packages will be shipped express (hence the tracking), so you should receive it quickly, and we’ll be able to provide tracking if it takes too long. You guys (well, Europeans), come to New York and have a blast with our weak dollar compared to your weak-but-not-as-weak Euro, so you can cover the extra shipping.

If you want to buy a bunch of stuff internationally (more than three items), e-mail quartersnacks [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll work something out.

Brand New Bugatti, Still Pumping 87 Unleaded

Dominican Vanna White.” Photo by Emilio Cuilan.

QS Snackman tees are now available at Supreme. 274 Lafayette Street. Both in white and black. Sorry, no smalls. Medium, large and XL only.

Another round of mostly Manhattan-set Death Video throwaways.

Fred Gall, Jahmal Williams, Ricky Oyola and Joel Meinholz went into the woods of New England for Labor Day with a bunch of guns and somehow, no accidents happened. The photo of Oyola shooting a gun will probably be Photoshopped a million different ways and re-posted all over Slap and Tumblr by the end of the week.

Torey Pudwill skates his first cellar door. It’s for Red Bull, so there’s some jock narration in there. The bump to smith grind and the flatground backside flip on the bike path are tight though. Cameos from Zered Bassett and Quentin Tolentino.

Well, it’s safe to say that every fifteen-to-eighteen-year-old who hangs out at Tompkins is screwed. “Regular use of marijuana during adolescence can lead to irreversible IQ loss, findings from a long-range study suggest.”

If I could have two skateboards in the history of skateboards, they would be the the 1996 Keenan Milton Chocolate Knicks game deck, and Andre Page’s War Effort pro model.

Have you guys seen Matt Mooney’s runway debut yet? #NYFW2012

Here’s a chill .GIF of almost naked girls holding QS shirts up. Go buy one.

If you need a stock photo for a pamphlet that warns kids about gangs, you could simply use a picture of some skateboarders. No wonder the Tribeca Skatepark resembles a jail…

Jeff Lenoce’s part in Baker Has a Deathwish should’ve been the last time Lil’ Wayne came anywhere near skateboarding. “Suck my skateboard.”

Reggie Miller admits that he pushed Greg Anthony in the 1995 playoffs during his hall of fame induction speech. Regardless, everyone in New York still hates him.

Quote of the Week: “People with friends don’t have condos.” — Jack Sabback

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