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If you want to support a website that ranks the best noseslides, releases studies of the finest outfits to be worn in skate history, and tells you where all the spots in New York are, please show your gratitude by purchasing a tee shirt or a cruiser board or both. (FYI New Yorkers: Supreme currently has cruisers in stock, but not tees.)

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A NOTE TO OUR INTERNATIONAL FRIENDS: In all honesty, we are flattered that you enjoy the site from whatever far-off place, especially enough to want to rep a tee or board out there. It truly means a lot. HOWEVER…international shipping is expensive. In both cases (for tees and boards), it costs more than the actual item. The package needs to be tracked, and there’s no way to do that for under $25. Sending the package abroad with no tracking is like basically throwing it into a wormhole and hoping it ends up in your mailbox anywhere from 1-to-50 weeks on the other side of the planet, so we’re not into that. On the plus side, your packages will be shipped express (hence the tracking), so you should receive it quickly, and we’ll be able to provide tracking if it takes too long. You guys (well, Europeans), come to New York and have a blast with our weak dollar compared to your weak-but-not-as-weak Euro, so you can cover the extra shipping.

If you want to buy a bunch of stuff internationally (more than three items), e-mail quartersnacks [at] gmail [dot] com and we’ll work something out.

Nothing Like It

Raw & uncut. Beanie Sigel at the L.E.S. / Manhattan Bridge Skatepark. Photo by Black Dave.

FYI: Supreme has Snackman cruisers and Lamborghinis (designed by Pryce Holmes and Will Carpio) available for $50 + tax. Available online soon eventually.

Another FYI: Get your entries in for our stupid line contest by the end of the week (due by the end of the day, Friday), and win a Girl/Indy/Spitfire complete, Nikes, Oakleys and 4-Star gear. The stupider, the better.

Here’s a standalone YouTube link to the Bronze / Flipmode section from TWOMANJI in all its 360p glory. In our initial post, we neglected to commend TWOMANJI on its usage of two classic Styles P songs (“Holiday” and “Nobody Believes Me“), so lets take some time out to do that now.

The Chrome Ball Incident interviewed Jeff Pang about being a New York-based pro skater in the 80s and early-90s. “I think in Harold’s mind he thought that the letter was somehow delivered to it’s destination through a wormhole, not knowing that a postman comes by every day to pick up the mail and brings it to the post office.”

Anyone looking for a job? There’s a chill opening in Midtown.

Animal NY did an interview with “two dudes who skated from Boston to New York.”

Here’s a throwaway reel from the crew behind the “Gravity Hammers” from several weeks ago. Been saying this forever, but skateboarders really like Big L.

After getting sidetracked on Twitter about the ten-year anniversary of Lord Willin’ and how there are barely any decent Clipse songs in skate videos, this Dan Murphy part from YOUGOTTAGETTHAT edited to “Popular Demand” (the only great song from the last Clipse album) came to mind. There’s also this 2006 SevenFiveSeven.org clip edited to a “Mr. Me Too” and Outkast “Chonkyfire” blend.

Lil’ Wayne says he doesn’t like New York (Whew. No TrukFit demos at the L.E.S. park!), and a New York senator demands that he apologize. This is what New York politicians worry about nowadays — apologies from Lil’ Wayne and banning big sodas.

Check out T-Bird’s music video cameo debut. Add this to the list of Mooney and Ty in an Ashlee Simpson video, Tierney, B.D. and Mooney in a N.E.R.D. video, and Weiss in a Timberlake video. We big in the music video extras world.

Quote of the Week:

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong

Gonna have to take Krooked out…

Krooked released a psychedelia-inspired promo for this fall’s run of Zip Zingers, featuring many impressive feats that require the phrase, “ON A CRUISER BOARD!” to punctuate them (e.g. “He kickflipped a ten-foot fence…on a cruiser board!”) Though Quartersnacks may be miles away from Krooked on a talent level, we are a few steps ahead of them on a conceptual cruiser board level. This may have to do with the fact that cruiser boards are only second in marketshare to the Taxi Commission for post-midnight travel between nightlife beef establishments, and such voyages have left us with a more fashionably attuned eye for the development of such vehicles.

So, be on the lookout for a Quartersnacks cruiser board promo, sometime between 2012 and…2015. It will be filmed entirely on one of these:

What we may lack in skateboard skills, we will make up for with Wavy Mike cameos.

Snackman Cruiser FAQs

Will you be doing another run of these?

If it was a 50% chance back in March, it’s an 80% chance now. Probably for the springtime, because you know, spring is the best time to sell a device needed for transportation from Alcohol Venue A to Alcohol Venue B (to Alcohol Venue C.)

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Is it Famous Ray’s? No, Original Ray’s. Famous Original Ray’s?

Never Forget 9/11/2001.

(The cover of The Post wasn’t as epic as everyone was expecting it to be today.)

Happy Birthday to First and First, also known as the Nexus of the Universe.

Even though the room tends to divide when technical wizardry, especially from younger skaters, comes up for discussion, this Almost Skateboards Youness Amrani part is certainly worth a watch. One year later, I’m still trying to wrap my head around how he did a five trick line at C.I.A. ledge with no tail on his board (with a front shove nosegrind shove-it out, of all things.)

So, the Opening Ceremony skate team looks like it’s coming closer to becoming a reality. We’ve been casting this prediction since first exiting the Mind Field premiere with Dylan Reider’s part fresh in mind. We’ll be meeting with potential clients interested in capitalizing on this website’s proficiency for trend forecasting throughout the week. APC for Altamont, and Rag & Bone for Four Star are up next, just watch.

Our good friend Adam Abada skated from Battery Park to the Bronx while filming all of the street signs that he met along the way. “NYC Arithmetic” already had the privilege of being featured on more heavily trafficked destinations like The New York Times’ “City Room” blog and Gawker, but is a cool 45 seconds in case you missed it.

The new issue of Poweredge Magazine has a New York City feature, which includes a sick photo of Rodney at that metal circle cut-out “spot” on Water Street (behind the C-Benches.)

There was hardly anything left to skate at Penn Plaza, since the restaurant built an extension on the landing space for the manual pad, but now, it’s under construction and they did away with the less noteworthy obstacles that had remained.

When you skateboard in the middle of the street, there’s a certain common expectation of how cars and buses are going to move. So it’s easy to relate to this video if you ever had a bus or a car stop short on you. And it’s also amazing that YouTube comments still find a way to turn it into an argument.

Thanks to Complex Magazine for the shout-out on the Quartersnacks cruiser board. We should probably look into getting another run of those made…

If Boston loses this series, they’ll lose to a team with an alien on it, which is absolutely inexcusable. (Pardon me, an *Academy Award winning* alien.)

For more Quartersnacks NBA coverage, follow us on Twitter, as that’s pretty much all that account is used for (at least until the season ends.)

Quote of the Week:I saw a lady fire up a crack pipe on Saint Mark’s place, right in front of Pinkberry at 11 P.M. the other night…I think we’re going to stop getting kicked out of spots pretty soon.” — Billy Rohan

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After many delays and false starts, the Quartersnacks online shop is officially open. The only two items are the Snackman cruiser boards, and the classic QS logo on a white tee shirt (with XLs available this time.) We’ll see how these two do, and begin worrying about expanding it depending on the outcome. Maybe a Little Debbie collaboration tee shirt one day, who knows?

We gave it a corny name, “The Bodega,” but at least its appropriate. After all, the website is named after a low-cost grocery, and paying homage to the venue most well-known for distributing actual 25-cent snacks is only right. So no, it’s not inspired by “The Canteen.” We have an excuse. Anyway, even if you pride yourself in being the biggest hater on the planet, yet spend a few moments on this website throughout the week, you’d still have to admit that it has at some point helped entertain or inform you about what goes on in or around New York. If you feel inclined to give back, this is the best way to do it and get something in return. We’ll make a special toast for you when we make our weekly round of popping bottles every Thursday. Thanks a bunch to everyone who continues to spread the word, link up the website, and of course, to those who buy a board or a tee. It means a lot.

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