Every album like a bird

I like how you go out of your way to only put street stuff on your website, yet you have essentially made a 1980s vert board.

This is merely a preview for oncoming endeavors in 2011. You have probably heard of Wu-Tang Skateboards. Remember that song where Waka said, “Brick Squad we the new Wu-Tang?” While it’s temping to start laying out blueprints for Bricksquad Skateboards (we’re more than open to sitting down and discussing possibilities over coffee, except that Radric seems devoted to never allowing the legions of “Free Gucci” tee shirts buried in wardrobes across America to go to waste), we should keep in mind that such a overt logo switch up probably wouldn’t sit well given the artistic origins of the tee shirt that inspired the skateboard. You might have already knew that.

Since “CTE Skateboards” doesn’t have that *ring* to it, also considering that DGK has the three-letter acronym, rap-inspired company thing kind of locked, and The Diplomats have always seemed more interested in building a rollerblade team, we went our own route. Not going to say anything in regards to availability as of yet. Let’s just say, expect them after the coming batch of QS tee shirts (sorry if you e-mailed me about one and I haven’t gotten back to you, they’re on their way), but before the potential to acquire the Quartersnacks Varsity Jacket.


  1. I’m aware it has been squashed, however, I’ll buy the TF a dinner at Blue Ribbon when they make a mixtape together. (Blend tapes don’t count.)

  2. to the vert board comment: qs posted footy of the autumn bowl which is 80s vert but not really but sorta so i think it’s straight

    can you guys briefly describe the guch jeez beef please. i don’t listen to or follow rap but i heard like 3 kids talk about it and i have no idea. would be super helpful.

    a link to another website that actually goes over shit like that would be dope.

    you guys are rad. keep it up.

  3. FREE BOOSIE (in regards to the title of the post)

    But I need this for when I go back to ATL so I can stunt on hoes,

  4. If any of you goons are on Tumblr, re-blog this: http://nee1979.tumblr.com/post/2621251420

    The crash course is basically that they had a disagreement over the authorship of a song, a falling out ensued, Jenkins offered a bounty on Radric’s chain, Radric shot and killed one of Jenkins’ associates pursuing such a bounty, and served some time for it, but it was ruled in self-defense. (I think that’s it, I don’t read Feds or Don Diva so you’ll have to excuse me if I messed up some facts.)

    Speaking of Atlanta, we’re trying to get one of those boards to hang behind the bar at Magic City. Out of the ~50 QS tees in existence, like four or five went to girls that work there. Those photos will be released one day.

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