The Quiksilver Video (Kinda)

You’ll have to pardon this rare Saturday update and it being 19 hours late (!!!), because we took yesterday off to skate and look cute.

It’d be safe to assume that any company removing Jake Johnson and Alex Olson from its pro ranks is disinterested in producing a great skate video, even if some considerable talent remains on its roster. (Since we’re all Pacers fans for the next week: Imagine Indiana waiving Hibbert and Granger at the trade deadline for no apparent reason.) Though the mythical “Quiksilver video,” which was a heavily discussed topic on the Tompkins bench this time last year, may never come out, its would-be creator released much of the footage that would have ended up in it anyway. It even includes the aforementioned names no longer on Quiksilver payroll.

The full-on video project looks like it got deaded, but this combined with the Strobeck section in last month’s Transworld video is a decent enough consolation prize. Naturally, it includes a recurring preoccupation with hair via picture-in-picture. It wouldn’t be a Strobeck clip if there wasn’t some weird shit going on…

UPDATE: There’s now an official Quiksilver version of the clip. In color, and without all the extra stuff going on in the top left corner. Doesn’t feature Olson or Jake though…


  1. Rather watch this clip without that hair shit going on in the top corner, we get it bro, you went to art school.

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