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Black Donald Moss (Photo by Pryce Holmes)

Lil’ Wayne buys majority ownership in Skatepark of Tampa for $9.3 million.

Galen Dekemper reviews Chity, a new independent video that recently came out of Chicago. You can watch the trailer for it here, and purchase the DVD via its Big Cartel page. Be sure to follow the crew’s Blogspot as well. “I feel like these guys kick it with girls who go to music shows.”

The cutthroat nature of New York’s growing dollar-slice industry continues to reach newfound heights of absurdity, this time with 75-cent slices. Being a broke-ass skateboarder sure is easy in 2012. Maybe Universal News will soon re-instate the $2 sandwich and a soda deal…

Watch the official Palace for Umbro launch video, and read the accommodating mini-interview about the project over at Dazed Digital.

Some HD raw footage log files: West Village to East Village session, anywhere but Tompkins.

Was going to make a joke last week about there being a new place to skate rocks over at the former S-Gap, but it seems like people already figured that one out (consult the 1:05 mark.)

TRENDWATCH 2012 ALERT: Bulky headphone sightings have been reported in various unexpected locations, most notably in Poland. Is it safe to assume that Poland is the only place where people get away with nollie heelflip body varials? (Thanks to Nico for the tip.)

Rob Campbell and friends at the Chelsea Park in this new clip for New Breed.

Black Dave on police brutality, Trayvon Martin, and other subjects in his latest video, “Public Enemy.” Black Donald Trump for president 2012.

This may be old news, since people don’t skate there often and it took a while to notice, but you can’t skate the downhill curved ledge at the Guggenheim anymore. They fastened light fixtures to the top of it. Not the most popular spot, but definitely the best ledge there.

Someone mashed up a bunch of movie scenes shot in bodegas into one Vimeo clip.

The Brooklyn Nets are likely destined for second-class status in this city like the other two franchises ending with -ets, and current-day Jay-Z might be easy to ignore, but shout out to him for using a Reasonable Doubt album cut and not some Watch the Throne garbage in this Marcy to Barclays commercial.

Quote of the Week: “I own Quartersnacks, play for the Sacramento Kings, and am pro for Hopps.” — Matthew Mooney on what he tells girls regarding his employment or lack thereof

P.S. Want a long read about how screwed you are? Enjoy.


  1. hopefully this will involve hoes on the bank, racks on the funbox, purple lean automatic distributors, blunt smoking allowed indoors and making it rain on the contest winners instead of the boring old huge check…the new era boi!big tymers shit

  2. honestly—pretty insulted! “a long read”? haha — seriously? a ten minute (or so) read is “a long read” these days? haha – i wasn’t familiar with the term “gerontocracy” though—trying to figure out how to toss that one around?

  3. Kevin’s part in JP”s video is that true shit

    that video needs to be available stat

  4. that article was informative, thanks for posting that. it would be interesting to see how visitors to this site react, knowning that most skateboards who attend college tend to go towards more traditional liberal arts majors that often have little no employment oppurtunies upon graduation. It seems that skateboarding and critical thinking go hand in hand, however the general public would disagree. its no wonder half of my high school went to school for business and now make 100K+ working for their parents while everyone i grew up skating with has a liberal arts degree working at a coffee shop, but they can have an intelligent discourse on many socail issues and other wordly subjects. american enlightenment is later’d.

  5. Having parents who can pay you a $100K+ salary and having a bachelor’s degree in business are two completely different things.

  6. thanks for posting that esquire article. i usually come here to take a break from that bullshit. i have a BA and MA in the afore mentioned highly lucrative liberal arts/humanities area, plus a teaching cert in a state with a hiring freeze now going on 2 years. what does that make me? a 33 year old freshman in an engineering program working on a second BA. (thank God for the skateboard. if it wasn’t for neglected parking lots with yellow curbs and a wife with a good attitude i would lose all enthusiasm for life.)

    while we wait for large scale justice, can i offer my advice to anybody 35 and under who is struggling with the issues the writer outlines? learn fucking calculus. go on the bureau of labor stats website. they’re is rising need and declining candidates in a lot of fields. look at biomed engineering, for instance. nobody wants to do calculus, inorganic chem, physics III and so on. everybody wants to be a wall street fat cat or an artist or a celebrity. nobody wants to do the hard shit that made this country rich in the first place. (it wasn’t artists or bankers that designed the infrastructure or tech innovation that enabled the baby boomers to throw a forty year party.) take advantage of other people’s laziness. no, you’ll never be as rich as you would if you this systematic hollowing out of the middle class hadn’t happened, but you’ll be okay. if you skate, you already know something about discipline and commitment. i was a high school dropout and am working on my third degree. i didn’t know how to do long division last year and am now doing calculus, and most of you are probably younger and more energetic than me.

    anyways. skate and destroy.

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