“I be poppin’ on my skateboard, tryin’ to learn a new trick”

Hella teaked one-foot backside tailslide over the grate, bro

“I be popping on my skateboard, trying to learn a new trick / I just fucked an Avatar, now I got a blue dick.” – Dwayne Carter

KCDC Skateshop teamed up with Complex magazine to bring you a list of the 25 best skateboard graphics of 2011. They had some glaring omissions, most notably Skate Mental’s “Creeping on a Set-Up” Bone Thugs homage, and our homie Jonah Miller’s “Stay Hungry” series for RAW New England. (RAW’s Cormega board is pretty cool too.)

Never saw this Flipmode-affiliated clip from 2009 before. Phil Rodriguez kills it, there’s footage from the UWS-favorite Soldiers and Sailors Monument, and proof that human beings actually skate(d) the original metal Rockaway Park, which, if you remember, got Hurricane Irene’d real bad.

NYSkateboarding linked up some photos by Yuri Shibuya last week. There are seven small galleries of New York-based stuff spanning from 1998 to 2008 over on YuriShibuya.com. The resolution on all of them unfortunately sucks. To make up for it, there’s a photo of Ted Barrow on there, switch crooking a Philly step on Hester Street. (Fun anecdote: We got kicked out of that spot in 2004 by a Chinese man wielding a butcher knife and haven’t been back since.)

Continuing along with the whole “IS VHS THE NEW SUPER-8?” thing

Just because you can do a hardflip late flip, doesn’t mean you should. Gross. (Ok, if you’re playing P.J. Ladd or P-Rod in S.K.A.T.E. for some reason, you can do a hardflip late flip.)

Here’s one for the economics majors specializing in broke skateboarder diets: Do dollar burgers serve as a legitimate threat to New York’s burgeoning dollar slice industry? With McDonald’s, Wendy’s, and Burger King all charging over $1 for burgers, and even dollar hot dogs quickly becoming a thing of the past, can this new trend sustain itself and expand into more skateboarder-heavy neighborhoods? (The one in question is on 39th, on the westside, and there are no spots nearby.)

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  1. i think everywhere else in envious of your dollar a slice industry. Id take a slice over a mcdouble anyday of the week…we aint got that shit in georgia

  2. Ill agree that other places are definitely jealous of the dollar slice, in Orlando its $3.25 + tax to get a fuckin slice of cheese!

  3. Dollar burgers are probably less a threat to the dollar slice industry, and more a threat to your gastrointestinal health.

  4. vhs is like hd. it’s sick if it’s done right but most vids blow it. notable uses vhs: green apple vids, missin persons vid. hd: debacle

  5. Dude in the one-foot back tail photo is rocking Avatar sneakers. Should that trick now be called “The Dwayne”?. Yes. Yes it should.

  6. Just to clarify:

    Even though this site has a lot of dollar slice references, New York has the best pizza in the world and you probably shouldn’t be eating dollar slices if you have a job.

    Also, this site is written by someone who thinks every pizza place in New York not on Carmine and Bleeker sucks.

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