Top Back ‘Til the Summer’s Done Links

Shout out to Wavy Mike & the rest of the crew for making our summer video possible.

Trailer for Black Dave’s upcoming music video, “Black Donald Trump.” B.D. > Every other skateboard rapper.

You’ve probably seen this kid Tyshawn Jones at 12th Street before. He’s Twelve-years-old and rips. Best of all, his entire “throwaway part” is filmed on the streets of Manhattan, with no skateparks in sight, which is amazing considering some kids don’t know the difference between filming in plazas/parks v.s. street spots these days. Someone tell Theotis to send him a box. Wait, that might be kinda hard…

Here’s a brief introductory promo video for Lurker Lou and Tyler Mate’s new board company, Iron Claw Skates.

Thanks to Lowcard Mag for coming out and covering the Quartersnacks anniversary party this past Thursday. They posted up some photos here. The seven-year anniversary will be at the Boom Boom Room and nobody’s getting in.

You’ve probably seen it already, but here’s a video of the Pittsburgh homies and some other people shredding around New York and the rest of the northeast.

Bill Pierce with a few lines on some cutty terrain in this new Nature Hardware commercial.

QS commentator “stoops” recently stated that he prefers Shawn Powers’ brand of nighttime street ripping to that of Anthony Pappalardo (which offended Pappalardo’s legion of legacy defenders.) Not sure why the internet is so fond of comparing everything, but we’re on Shawn’s side.

Check out the latest issue of Already Been Done if you have yet to do so. They have a great interview up with Allen Ying regarding his upstart magazine project, 43. While on the topic of online magazines, the digital version of the Philly-based Skate Jawn ‘zine is now online as well.

Oh, by the way, you guys were just celebrating the fall, right?:

Quote of the Week:
Doorman at the Zoo Office: “Where you been E.J.? Haven’t seen you for a while.”
E.J: “I was traveling all over, Rome, Barcelona, Berlin…”
Doorman at the Zoo Office: “Damn, you know where I really wanna go? Los Angeles.”

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  1. I always thought BD had sort of doo doo style but that black donald trump shit is baad. Not backing the guy

  2. @panax your life is doodoo style, BD is definitely a better look than you in all aspects

    but i think being a good skater is enough, leave the rapping to max b and various brick-squad constituants

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