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It’s going to be seventy-five degrees today. There’s a theory going around that the new Tompkins box is responsible for warmer weather patterns. The Real video is premiering at KCDC and available for purchase as well. It’s very good.

As the iPhone has risen to be one of the more prominent video devices in the world of skateboarding, it seems relevant to post this infographic of all of the rumors (and their respective likelihood) surrounding new features on the iPhone 5. Full 1080p HD video recording, a 8Mpx digital camera, and maybe the potential 64GB model would really be the only things to benefit our cause. But all of that is merely speculation. Meanwhile, whoever dreamt up a 3D display on a cell phone is an idiot.

Josh Stewart re-edited Brian Delatorre’s ender part in the M.I.A. video to a shorter length, and to the sounds of some 70s sounding rock, as opposed to the hysteric Hindu chants in the original. Welcome to M.I.A. came out in late 2010 (all the publications and blogs had already distributed “best of the year” accolades at that point), so it carries over into 2011, thus Dela’s part will definitely be in consideration for one of the finer instances of skateboarding in the past year.

A set of six original Wu-Tang skateboards is on eBay, and it starts at $950 with a $1,400 Buy-It-Now price. No Ghostface board though. When will an enterprising skateboarder pitch the idea for Brick Squad Skateboards to Gucci? Can’t wait to roll through Tompkins and see some kid holding a Wooh Da Kid or OJ Da Juiceman pro model.

Speaking of Wu-Tang, here’s Billy Rohan skating in black leather Wallabees in the new “Diamond Days” clip.

Speaking of Brick Squad, have you seen the “Grove Street Party” video with the talking Fozzie Bear chain yet? Every time there’s one random white guy in the background of a rap video, I hope it’s Sweet Waste.

Adding insult to injury, they even managed to knob the rails at Ziegfeld. Fairly useless, and certainly negligible, but whatever. You can move the planters with two people, by the way. Push them off the steps if you do.

Already Been Done #4 coming on Tuesday, April 12.

Last but not least, rest in peace Sidney Lumet, one of the great New York filmmakers. Serpico, Network, Dog Day Afternoon, etc. are all obvious, but watch Prince of the City if you enjoy New York movies. You need an attention span for it, but it’s definitely one of the best cop films out there.

Quote of the Week:They’re not hoodrats. Look at them. They’re like, Moroccan.” — Matt Mooney

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  1. 3d display isn’t as dumb as whoever started the physical keyboard rumor. Doesnt that defeat the purpose of an iphone?

  2. Only the 36 Chambers and the logo deck are actual Wu Tang Hardgood Co. skateboards, and they’re not even rare boards or anything. Those other decks came out later as some kind of promotional items.

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