Ham Sandwiches and Skateboard Wheels

If you’re in the handful of individuals reading this right now with a headache, just out of a sleep marred by alcohol, at least you have a solid, new skateboard video to distract you for seventeen minutes.

Goin’ Ham is a project by the same crew that brought you the Film Me video, released this past summer. There are full parts from Nate Rojas, Ray Macken, and Stephan Martinez. It’s tightly edited, fast-paced, and an all around thorough watch. Right now, it is being downloaded from Vimeo and converted to a .m4v format so it can play off a phone. That hasn’t happened with a new video in a fairly long time. (Well, not since August 22nd.)

A real stand-out part of the video is the immense array of local terrain that it covers. While any bum on wheels flying into New York from Burbank, Europe, or Australia for a few weeks in the summer could have kickflipped the Fifth Avenue Apple Store ledge to street gap, or front crooked the CBS eight-stair rail at this point, given how far skateboarding has come in the past ten years, these kids actually made it happen. It’s easy to drive out of state to find better versions of basically every New York spot, but making do with the whole city and its myriad of pretty, but endlessly flawed skate spots is a whole different story. It’s like 1999 or 2000 all over again (except with much better skateboarding), where tricks go down all over the place, not just within the same routine boundaries that have become guidelines for where to film these past couple years. Lines at CBS in 2010 are something to genuinely be psyched on, and it gives everyone a reason to break out the wax and re-energize some spot that we have been neglecting for years.

As with the also great Film Me video, certain critical corners of the Tompkins bench might write it off for “little kid style,” or other similar deterrents that exist for the aging skateboarder population of New York. The truth is, between this and the last video, there has been less than a year’s span, and every single person’s part is a notch above the last one (and some of them have been visibly affected by growth spurts.) The video goes hard, and the third one will undoubtedly be on a different level. Parts with residual little kid style, but sprinkled with evident motivation, are always more fun to watch than half-assed pursuits at video parts that are filmed in between brunch and happy hour.

Mildly related: If anyone had seen even half of the things that have gone down in the Ziegfeld fountain that we have seen, it would inevitably lead to a second thought before neglecting the potential health risks that reside on the opposite end of any comic endeavor involving contact with its contents.

Update: You can download a .m4v of the video here for iPhones and iPods.


  1. stephan definitely deserved the last part. alot of the additional skaters killed it too. additional skaters>nate rojas..what was up wit all that hipster music thou?

  2. yeah seriously. panda bear is shit. fuck that noise . why is that dude skating to all that noise at the end

  3. what with hating on the sound track better than some stoop ass bob dylan put to some urbannnn ass skatin fuggouttahere

  4. I dunno about this one, snackman. It was a little heavy on purple wheels and altamont gear. Little kid style, bro.

    Lots of the skating was good. The last song was really bad. These fellas next video will probably be good.

    I’d rather watch washed up old drunks ride over metal grates though, seriously.

  5. theres a deli down the street from The Patriot with a boar’s head poster that says:

    “the ham and nothing but the ham.” but i was too pussy to steal it.

  6. Okay, so the name of the video was “goin ham”, am i right? How are you going to give your video such a poppin ass name and play all that gay hipster shit make me want to smack harry in the coofie, early. Shout out to my nigga stefan, doing big thangs daddy. Cocoa butter squad on deck! Holla…

  7. that shit was sick.them niggas definatly went HAM ..

    n to the corners of the tompkins bench…..NIGGA FUCK THE TOMPKINS BENCH


  8. It’s a sad day when the TF is predominantly associated with wallrides, no complys and high waters. That’s not the TF we all fell in love with.

  9. that shit suuuucked diiiiiick. slow skating, shitty stiff styles, 100s of pointless super 8 shots of nothing, and the worst music one could imagine for a skate video. say what u will… in the back of your head you were thinkin it too.


  11. I just don’t understand why people twice these kids’ age feel the need for excessive hate because they’re half as good. that’s a pretty definitive example of bitterness. these guys are the next generation of skaters coming from a city often tagged as being full of backside noseslide to bar dive-ing hipsters. they’re representing a new wave of hardworking and talented skateboarders from NEW YORK CITY, and you guys are complaining about their “little kid style” because most of them haven’t even finished puberty? jesus christ guys, what happened to east coast pride? I know this isn’t slap but I just wanted to put in my two cents.

    Stephan ftw.

  12. re: “fuck all you fucking corny ass haters . fuck this site”

    By “this site,” you’re essentially referring to the POST at the very top, not the comments. I’m assuming you have not read anything except the comments because the actual post only had positive things to say about the video, I even went out of my way to do an offshoot post of it so people could download it in a compatible format for iPhones. So “this site” completely supports this video. I would have done a similar post on “Film Me” if I had a copy of it when it came out. (“Film Me” also played on the screens in front of Supreme for like a week straight while the Stay Gold DVD sat on a shelf somewhere, so…)

    Not liking the music is one thing, and doesn’t necessarily chalk up to “hate” on the video, just its music. And obviously I’m not into Panda Bear, but then again I listen to Katy Perry so who am I to talk? But in regards to anything else overtly negative being said about the video / the skaters in it, “this site’s” sentiments pretty much echo lurksny’s entire comment.

    “This site” and its views are everything ABOVE the comments section, so please keep that in mind.

  13. 1) I would never re-edit a local video made by someone who obviously put a lot of time and effort into it. I enjoy most of them how they are.

    2) I will most likely never re-edit another industry video because the majority of the skateboard industry does not have a sense of humor. Eli Reed’s part was an exception because he asked me to do it.

  14. I think 2) is an excellent reason to keep re-editing videos. Someone needs to take the piss out of some of these people.

  15. as a prime example of a backside noseslide to bar diver (although i’d like to think i can still do a crooks to bar dive) i have to agree with the snack and lurks ny. those kids are coming up really fast. i’ve watched all of them since they could barely kickflip. its only been a couple years. maybe they don’t have the best style yet (pretty sure all these guys are under twenty) and sure i’m not terribly into the music in this clip, but kudos for going for it instead of talking about it. these cats all did some shit thats pretty insane on some shit spots
    all those kids are gonna keep skating whether or not you like their altamont t shirt. and thats all that fucking matters. skateboarding is about having fun with your friends and pushing yourself, clearly these guys are killing it in that regard.

    see you at the bar

  16. YEAH YEAH BIGFLIP THEM STAIRS, DADDY!!! Kicky back teezy on that shit.

    Get out of here Bosco, go draw some more pirate shit and write clever stuff on the little banners

  17. holy shit, ray macken is so much better than yaje it’s not even funny. he beats him at his own game. case in point that feeble shuv

  18. that video was amazing. such good music. animal collective is soooo goooood omg. are any of them sponsored?

  19. thanks for putting the video up im hyped. Ive been going on quartersnacks for years. its a cool site.

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