Quartersnacks Top 10 — May 12, 2017

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qs top 10 may 12

Big week for heelflip-outs and the Bennett family. Jason Byoun is brilliant.

If you ordered something from the webstore on the first day (Monday, May 8) and have not yet received a shipping confirmation, we SHOULD have your order out by end of today. You will receive a tracking number to the e-mail that you ordered with as soon as it ships. If you do not receive one, please hold until Monday when we are fully caught up with shipping. Thank you for the support, and apologies for the delays, we have a pretty small operation running here ;)

Have a sweet weekend xoxo ♥

Original Clips:


Intro — via @cjkeossaian on Instagram [link] 10) Niels Bennett via “Awake” part [link] 9) Neil Herrick via Meadowlands part [link] 8) Pete Solvyns via Nike SB’s “Cumberland County” video [link] 7) @kat_in_the_hat via Instagram [link] 6) Josh Wilson via Bronze & Zoo York’s “Amber Alert” video [link] 5) Jack O’Grady via Nike SB’s “Cumberland County” video [link] 4) Kevin Leidtke via “Sabotage in Lyon” [link] 3) Chachi via Bronze & Zoo York’s “Amber Alert” video [link] 2) Thaynan Costa via “Our Sweet Baby” part [link] 1) Cyrus Bennett via Nike SB’s “58 Tour” video [link]


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Film Review: Dumb — The Story of Big Brother Magazine

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It is not easy to write about Patrick O’Dell’s film, Dumb: The Story Of Big Brother Magazine, and Shit: The Big Brother Book within one year of each other without sounding redundant. Even though it hasn’t published an issue in thirteen years, Big Brother holds a unshakeable stake in skateboarding’s collective heart. Thrasher bears perhaps the most recognizable skate brand on the planet, Skateboarder was the first-ever skateboard magazine, but no, more Big Brother, we need more.

Having covered everything from the cult of Cardiel to Menace throughout Epicly Later’d, O’Dell is the best person to sit across from anyone throwing heart eyes at a mammoth of skateboard lore. The linear story of the magazine is told through a series of new interviews, shoddy unseen footage that otherwise only had its audio transcribed, archived clips from newscasts (i.e. interviews with angry parents), and clips from Big Brother‘s video series.

An abridged history of Big Brother was told in the 2007 Steve Rocco documentary, The Man Who Souled the World. Rocco’s few appearances in Dumb cover the same ground as before, where he recounts the infamous story of why he started the mag in the first place. Unlike the Big Brother book, which apart from the epilogue, was narrated by Sean Cliver and Dave Carnie’s recollections, Dumb‘s interviews cover a wider spectrum of contributors to any and all Big Brother projects.

Mad Luv

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Illustration by Mark Hall-Patch

The QS webstore is now live with spring merch. Quantities are thinning out a bit, so grab something while you can :) Available in U.S., Canadian and Japanese shops now. Those stockists can be found here. Arriving in Europe this week, but we need to update the list of Euro and Japanese shops. Hold tight. Thanks everyone for your support in helping us continue to do what we do (e.g. compile John Choi quotes.)

Please support Civil Skateshop & the Adrian Hall Plaza spot in Providence, R.I.

I’d be perfectly fine with watching a full part of T.J. skating Columbus Park ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

iPhone video of Cyrus’ cover photo, via Communipaw Ave legend, Tyler Tufty.

Big surprise, Bobshirt compiled another amazing interview, this time with Rob Pluhowski. He runs through the full history of Habitat without any hints of entitlement or bitterness that seem to color some others’ recollections of the era. Gracious interview from a guy who graciously bowed out of skateboarding.

“It’s not even that he seemed unconcerned what people may think, but that he seems only vaguely aware that such people might even exist, and doesn’t seem much interested in sweating it too much either way.” — Boil the Ocean re: the aforelinked interview, and the rare act of bowing out of skateboarding and never looking back.

While on the topic of level-headed skateboarders, Sammy Winter seems like a fine lad.

Can’t really remember the last time the thought “wow, what a front tailslide heelflip out!” came to mind, but wow, what a front tailslide heelflip out! Via Neil Herrick’s Meadowlands part. Support Jersey-owned businesses and buy the DVD here.

New video from Frog Skateboards with a dope ender.

Riley Hawk and Danny Brady seems like an odd pairing, but ok, why not?

Um, there’s a Muska silhouette deck generator. Sure?

Someone remixed all of Taylor Nawrocki’s footage from John Valenti’s “Valencia Report” video that went live on Transworld about a month ago.

“I once knew someone who wore a thick gold rope and kept it tucked into their shirt, so that the weight of it rested against their bare chest, but the unmistakable thickness of it could be seen around their neck nonetheless, like an opulent snake. It occurred to me that this, perhaps, was truly the way to show off: Keep most of what you have at a whisper, but keep just enough so loud that it won’t be forgotten.” — Reflecting on ten years of Boosie, Foxx and Webbie’s “Wipe Me Down.”

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Is John Wall your favorite player in these playoffs? (Isiah is a fine choice too.) Guess it doesn’t really matter who wins that series because they all know what fate awaits them at the end.

Quote of the Week: “I don’t really start partying until I’m in the meatpacking district.” — John Choi

Ever, like, not listen to a really good song for a couple months, and then hear it come on shuffle and think, “whoa this is a really good song!?”

Not sure he should be driving a boat on Xanax though…

Johnny & Pros & Friends on the Road

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Image via @stuntsrebornagain.

We keep waiting.

Waiting for Logan to emerge from his lair (which may or may not still be upstairs from the old Quartersnacks office) and begin working on the 917 video.

Waiting for famous house DJ, Challex Olson, to climb out from the twelve-foot-tall mountain of “Lover” hoodys and drop some new footage.

Waiting for Transworld to learn how to spell Cyrus’ name right. Or at least waiting to meet this emotional “Cryus” creature that they attributed their cover to.

Waiting for Drew to say “YOOOOOOO” longer than the last time he said “YOOO.”

Waiting for Ishod to admit he inherited Lebron’s headband collection.

Waiting for Johnny to start eating cheeseburgers and making weekly video blogs again, reclaiming the banner of productivity that he held so tightly from 2012-2015.

Waiting for Max to find a metal crevice that he can’t send his board through.

…I think Andrew has a longer “YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” in him, but for everything else, we’ll have to keep waiting, and waiting. In the meantime, here’s a video from some of those guys forcing us to play the wait game, and a couple guys with their names on skate shoes skating throughout the south this past spring.

Quartersnacks Top 10 — May 5, 2017

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qs top 10 may 5

Do you think they still text from time-to-time?

Not much has changed in a week. Isle’s “Atlantic Drift” videos are still the best montage series going, Tom Knox still practices the finest multi-level line choreography in skateboarding, Japanese skaters still have the quickest feet on earth, Meatball may have learned nollie flips in the past week but still has a long way to go towards this week’s number two, and QS Top 10s are still on a bender of #highimpact number ones, this time via a Dade County correctional officer’s namesake.

Shout out to Mostly for the tip on the Japanese video.

Congrats to the Palace boys on the opening of their SoHo store (49 Howard Street.) Hope everyone made it home safe last night ;) Have a good weekend ♥

Original Clips:


Intro — via @wingus17 [link] 10) Shintaro Hongo via “Apple 2” [link] 9) Louie Lopez via “Louie Lopez in the Converse Cons CTAS Pro” [link] 8) Remy Taveira via “Atlatic Drift — Episode 3: Paris” [link] 7) Kader Sylla via “Baker AMs” [link] 6) Patrick Vidal via Making It Happen [link] 5) Tom Knox via “Atlatic Drift — Episode 3: Paris” [link] 4) Kento Yoshioka via “Apple 2” [link] 3) Chris Colburn via New Driveway [link] 2) Jaako Ojanen via Instagram [link] 1) Rick Rossi via New Driveway [link]


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