Quartersnacks Holiday 2017 Merch Now Available

December 4th, 2017 | 12:00 am | Daily News | 1 Comment

The webstore has re-opened. Thank you everyone for your support ♥

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Quartersnacks Top 10 — December 1, 2017

December 1st, 2017 | 8:48 am | Daily News | 1 Comment

Wow, it’s December ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ This week is mainly a Krooked edition of the countdown, with a few check-ins from other corners of the skateboard universe. End of the year content begins next week, see you guys then ♥

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Intro via @asphaltposerclub [link] 10) Kevin Coakley via Traffic’s Look Left [link] 9) Matt Gotwig via Krooked’s LSD video [link] 8) Hugo Bosserup via “Dirt River” [link] 7) Brandon Westgate via New Balance’s “Parallax” video [link] 6) Tycho Henskens via “Booticelli Boys: The Sound of Success” [link] 5) Matt Miller via “Visual Skateboards Promo [link] 4) Bobby Worrest via Krooked’s LSD video [link] 3) Brad Cromer via Krooked’s LSD video [link] 2) Matt Anderson via Krooked’s LSD video [link] 1) Louie Lopez via “West End” part [link]


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Holiday QS goods available at U.S. shops now (although they may only now be arriving on the west coast.) You can check our shops list for who carries it. Arriving in Europe next week, Canada and Australia shortly.

The webstore will open on Monday at midnight E.S.T. (essentially Sunday night.) Click through for a small preview featuring our favorite 9-5er.

An Interview With Ross Norman

November 30th, 2017 | 7:23 am | Features & Interviews | 6 Comments

Photo by Corey Rosson

Words & Interview by Frozen in Carbonite

The American archetype of The Cowboy as a metaphor for an “outlaw” lifestyle is around 150 years old. The New Jersey classic, “Wanted Dead or Alive,” which just flat out states “I’m a cowboy” is probably the least subtle example of this. Ross Norman’s 2008 Last of the Mohicans part, on the other hand, is more cerebral. The juxtoposition of the Highwaymen classic “Silver Stallion,” and Norman’s technical-yet-relatable #lowimpact skating stood out in a sea of women’s jeans and Modest Mouse edits.

Through the sands of time, the Mohicans part developed a cult following — devotees including Hjalte Halberg, who stated on the record that he stole all his tricks from Norman. Recently, the dude made a comeback of sorts, going pro for The Vacation and branding himself as a North American plaza specialist, an almost impossible job description. Indeed, based on the current state of North American plaza skating, one could even call him a desperado or some shit.

So we caught up with one of your favorite skater’s favorite skaters to, A) get into what he’s been up to for the past decade, and B) shed some light on one of America’s last standing organic plaza spots.


Where are you from, and how did you get into skating?

I was born in Torrance and then moved to the Santa Ynez Valley, which is near Santa Barbara, CA. That was when the Powell SkateZone was open. I started going there in 1992 when I was twelve years old, and saw some contests that got me stoked on skating. Kinda started from there, and skating street after that place closed.

How did you link up with Joe Perrin and all those Florida guys?

I skated for Status Skateboards back in the early 2000s, and Mike Rosa was on the team. He’s from Orlando and skated for Westside, so he knew John Buchanan, Dowd, Renaud, all those dudes. I met Rosa on the first Status tour — it was a two-month tour that Van Styles talked about in that Nine Club interview. We went through Florida, so I met Renaud and Nix when they were like fourteen or fifteen — like, tiny little kids. And Josh Dowd skated for DNA, which was the sister company to Status. Dowd moved to Hollywood, Rosa and 80s Joe were staying at his place, and I’d always go and stay with them. Rosa and 80s got their own apartment, and I basically lived on their couch for years.

Who was most influential on your skating coming up in Santa Barbara?

The Church of Skatan guys were the local rippers. Dylan Gardner was kinda like the hometown hero dude. He skated for Neighborhood and was in magazines. He was super sick in the mid-to-late 90s before he got all hesh. I learned nollie flip nose slides just because he did them. But I grew up on 20 Shot, Trilogy, early 411s — all the classic mid-90s videos. L.A. was really close, so I Iooked to that kind of skating as being influential. Gino, Pupecki, Pepe, Welsh… those dudes were and will always be my favorites.

Chilling With Friends

November 27th, 2017 | 12:10 pm | Daily News | No Comments

Photo via Buan

No Cyber Monday deals, but the majority of what we have left from spring is on sale in the webstore. Holiday QS goods arriving to U.S. shops this week. Available in Japan now. Arriving in Europe and Canada next week. Available online next Monday, December 4 at midnight. AND! on the occasion you need some hot garms at this exact moment, Alltimers just stocked their webstore with their holiday range.

The Krooked video is online. It all blends perfectly, if you let the liquor tell it ;)

Matt Velez’s sequel to Sable, entitled Calzone, is premiering in Brooklyn (off the Morgan L) on Thursday. Flyer here Village Psychic has an interview with him about it (should’ve figured those were Seinfeld refs..), and here are a few new IG teasers.

Strobeck compiled all of Tyshawn’s Insta clips from 2017.

The Russian skateboard scholar who made last year’s Nik Stain Skate Jawn remix is back with #anotherone that covers all Nik’s footage released since Wish Me Well 2.

“Seeing a tiny skater on top of a sculpture on a Thrasher cover got me thinking that if the skater had been a performing artist addressing this art piece, it probably would have landed him on the Art Forum one. Unlike the art critic, the skater isn’t looking for the ‘unsaid’ in an art piece, its hidden meaning.” Raphael Zarka has a new project entitled Riding Modern Art, which chronicles 75 public sculptures and the skate photos shot on them over the years. Be sure to wallie the next Richard Serra you see because he deaded the homie on clearance ;)

Kevin Coakley scours every nook and cranny of the east coast and fakie crooks the Pace Ledge in his Look Left ender part, which is now online.

The Bunt’s latest sci-fi fantasy episode is with none other than Jerry Hsu.

11 minutes of B-sides from some ATL boys in New York.

These Typical Culture guys covered a lot of ground in their “Summer Trip to New York” edit, even touching one of Max Palmer’s all-time worst spots.

Theories is hosting a premiere of the Evisen video this Saturday, December 2, at the Wythe Hotel. Space is limited, and tickets are $5.

Always enjoy these Marseilles edits from Unemployed, and they serve as a good reminder of our 2018 goal to visit somewhere in France besides Paris ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Their latest has Sean Pablo and Jake cameos.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Don’t see this every day

Quote of the Week: “It feels like I have an Android again.” — Meatball’s iPhone X Review

“Did you hear the Mase and Ca—”

Quartersnacks Top 10 — November 24, 2017

November 24th, 2017 | 10:40 am | Daily News | No Comments

Have a good weekend ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @citibikeboyz on IG [link] 10) Ville Wester via “I Feel Love” [link] 9) Robert Pace via IG [link] 8) Korahn Gayle via “Grey x Skateboard Cafe – Paris” [link] 7) Michael Sommer via “Rådhuset” [link] 6) Niels Bennett via “Dit Is Berlin – Episode 02/03” [link] 5) Seimi Miyahara “Evisen Video – Trailer 2” [link] 4) Roar Kolnes via “Rådhuset” [link] 3) Riley Hawk via Shep Dogs 5 [link] 2) Zach Kovacs via “Pro For Pizza Part” [link] 1) Tiago Lemos via “Indy” part [link]


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