Quartersnacks Top 10 — June 16, 2017

qs top 10 june 16

Shout to @illcommunicatio on Twitter for the photo ref ♥

Gonna go on record here and say this is probably the ~weirdest~ QS Top 10 ever. Had to dig in dark corners of all sorts of strange videos to summarize what happened in skateboarding this past week, but that’s OK given how insane the past two were ;)

Also, after an intense office debate, we switched the eventual #1 because the #2 comes from the least steez video ever made, despite what the the music supervision may lead you to believe. Have a good one ya.

Edit: Title should say Donta Hill* obviously. We’ve fired our titles guy.

Original Clips:


Intro via @reese_delaney on Instagram [link] 10) Ruben Spelta via Villains Conspiracy’s “Don’t Trust Anyone” video [link] 9) John Dilo via Red Shore [link] 8) @gronze via IG [link] 7) Salomon Cardenas via “Wknd in Hawaii” [link] 6) Shaheim Smalls via IG [link] 5) Tiago Lemos via IG [link] 4) John O’Neal via Brainbros [link] 3) Samuel Partaix via “Trump Le Monde” [link] 2) Yuri Facchini via Almost’s “3 A.M.” video [link] 1) Donta Hill via “Sheesh” [link]


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