Quartersnacks Top 10 — May 19, 2017

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qs top 10 may 19 2017

One of the shortest top tens in recent memory, even for what was a remarkable week in the skateboard world. Seven days filled with Adidas’ London video, a late pass on the Bostonian AVIDYA project thanks to Instagram reposts, The Creature Video, Primitive’s east coast trip, Oski’s Nike part, and the roll-out of the X-Games’ “Real Street” sections made this a tough one to narrow down to ten.

Luckily, the #1 isn’t a guy jumping off a roof, for the first time in four weeks ;)

Have a good one ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @Andrewdowntown on Instagram [link] 10) Gustav Tonnesen via Adidas’ “Meanwhile, London” video [link] 9) Ishod Wair via “Real Street” part [link] 8) Daewon Song via Adidas’ “Meanwhile, London” video [link] 7) Rodrigo TX via Adidas’ “Meanwhile, London” video [link] 6) Roman Lisivka via Primitive’s “Vision Test (East Coast Version)” video [link] 5) Brian Delaney via AVIDYA [link] 4) Milton Martinez via The Creature Video [link] 3) Oski Rozenberg via “Elite Squad” [link] 2) Tiago Lemos via “Real Street” part [link] 1) Peter Raffin via The Creature Video [link]


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